Nia-RobertWho are the people I want on my Zombie Apoc Dream Team? (Keepers) Other than the Black Geeks… of course
Who are the people that I just have to seek out, rescue, and protect? (Rescues)

Here are the people and why? Most of these people will be public figures you can look up. The Keeper list in not in order of priority.

My first Keeper is Jet Li. This is a pretty obvious selection so I’m not going to explain it too much. Speed, size, a wide range of combat skills. He can teach the others both armed and unarmed combat.

This pick maybe a little strange, but hear me out. The host of Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine. I know this is a really odd selection, but trust me. I selected Robert Irvine because not only can the dude cook just about anything, but he’s built like a linebacker. We could cook the food and pull the whole chuck wagon. So a mixed skill selection.

Third on the list is Jamie Foxx. The brother is pretty fit, so he can carry some gear; but he would have us cracking up. He can crack a joke, sing a song, and stand guard. Some humor might be helpful for moral. Only problem is that he will probably sleep with too many of the colony women and end up getting cut by one of his own.

Hailing from Discovery Channel…. if have to snatch up the two dudes from MythBusters. I don’t expect these guys to pick up a rifle, but I do expect them to build some BADA$$ Offensive and Defense. These two are going to be key to the daily colony life. From transportation to basic living systems like water filtration and hydroponics. Anyone who can do what they do with duct tape, gets on my team.

At this point, I feel obligated to add a woman to the team, but who… who do I need? I need a strong person who can handle various environments and I need a medical background. I’m going back a little way… and her age might be an issue, but I’m adding Mae Jemison. Strength, skill, and not afraid of an adventure. Respect.

One last keeper… I want to add a hunter. I’m adding the Season 4 winner of Top Shot Chris Cheng. The dude is not only super fit, but also speaks fluent Spanish and Italian. He has a background in conflict resolution and international negotiations. He is a wicked accurate shot and skilled in various firearms.

Now for the Rescues. These are people that don’t really have a role to play… I just have to rescue them out of principle, mostly.

The ABSOLUTELY FIRST person I’m going to get… NIA LONG. I just have to save Nia Long. I couldn’t not try to save Nia Long.

So Nia Long… if you read this… and the Zombie Apocalypse hits… Look! I want you to stay where you are. Call me… 202.HELP.NIA. Hunker down. I’m sure you have food. I’m coming for you! Just know… I’m coming for you. Call anytime before then too. Let’s have lunch and maybe a movie or a long walk… dinner perhaps. Kids are welcome to come along.

For those of you who think that I selected Nia Long for saving because she is faaa-zine… you are 82% correct. She also has a mind, a big heart, and is quite outspoken. Pretty people are great for negotiations but she’s a fighter too.

The next Rescue is Chad Myers from CNN Weather. Not only because I believe that he knows his climatology, but he knows his geography and topography. Watch him when the does the severe weather alert. He calls out cities and counties like he eats lunch at a different truck stop every days. Chad will be very helpful with colony relocation planning and seasonal preparation.

I really want to add someone with a psychology / sociology background so I’m going after Melissa Harris-Perry (Lacewell). Not only for the benefit of the colony, but also psychological warfare against rival colonies.

There are more people I have to rescue, but that’s it for now. I’m sleepy.

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  1. LOL!!! You make great points sir, I would have said Mrs Berry needed to be the one saved but recent events have altered my perception !

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