Damn that was a good movie. I’m sure that is not the appropriate way to start out a review, but it was damn good! This will be a spoiler free review. I want you all to go into the movie somewhat unbiased.
There are two very key features to Transformers: Age of Extinction that really stand out to me.

1.) Even with the heavy human element, I really felt like this movie was more about the Transformers. As with all of the Transformer movies, you had to contend with the human interpersonal relationship interwoven with the Autobot missions.
2.) The Dad, Daughter, and Boyfriend at the luckiest human being in the universe. I’m talking… luckier than Phineas & Ferb. Luckier than Mr. Magoo. They much have been Christened by the Pope, bless by the Dalai Lama, slapped with Bugs Bunny’s right foot, dipped in Smaug’s gold, and rolled in the a field of four leaf clovers by the Lucky the Leprechaun himself. Holy Karma Batman… you think that Shia Labeouf was a lucky so and so? These folks would win 20 out of 18 bingo games at the Shady Pines Senior Care Recreational Center.


Let be continue with the review. The opening set the tone for the rest of the movie. The movie is mostly pretty dark if not for the light hearted and quick witted sarcasm that comes from everyone. Even Bumblebee has his strong moments. Bumblebee’s role is more evolved in this installment. He’s more emotional, playful, and short tempered. This role change has shades of the youthful Bumblebee would would carry Spike from place to place in the original series. Optimus even make a parental joke about Bumblebee. So it is quite apparent they set out to make Bumblebee more youthful in this installment.

Bumblebee and Spike
Bumblebee and Spike

There lots of robot action to be had in this movie. The new and old AutoBots together create something like a mechanical Inglorious Bastards. They are impulse at times and controlled at others.
The visual effects are striking! The level of details is excellent. The storylines are actually pretty good and more real. There are only a few farfetched moments. One thing I really like is that Optimus has a slightly different point of view about things… that is very healthy for a Bot in his position. Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer play their roles flawlessly. As with most movies and TV shows today no one can seem to his things they shoot at. I’ll leave that alone too. They clearly have set up this morning for at least one to more sequels. While they did not mention it, I feel a Unicron movie coming.

There are a few issues that I have with this movie that were small, but still worth mentioning.

1.) Human to Transformer melee battles should never been fair or last long. You can chew on that.
2.) There was something seriously wrong with the John Goodman voice over for Hound. It was too pronounced. Also I had a really hard time seeing Hound and hearing Sully from Monster’s Inc. I think I have just heard him too much at this point doing voice over work for animated characters.
3.) Using the young girl at some on-screen eye candy is getting so very old. But I guess it appeals to some people.
4.) Most DinoBot brawling in robot mode….. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Overall Transformers is a great great movie. It is fun to watch, there are really funny moments, the battle scenes are done well, the storyline moves along pretty smoothly.

I give it a 4.75 out of 5. GO SEE IT!

There is nothing in the end credits, so you can leave after the final scene.

Please forgive any typos. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning.

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