insidious3thumb-1426707112443_1280wKing Phayce, 3 members of our Black Geeks in training, and I got a chance to go to a screening of Insidious Chapter 3. The pre-show by DC’s own 93.9 WKYS Russ Parr Morning Show radio personality Brittany along with the extremely biased against men scream contest, helped charge the atmosphere in the Georgetown AMC (I do not recommend…mice/mildew). We were excited and hoping to get our scream and fright on, but sadly neither truly materialized. The packed theater laughed more than they screamed or jumped in terror, which in my opinion, is NOT the reaction a horror film should be looking for. In a nutshell, I was extremely disappointed.

The acting though one shouldn’t expect academy award performances, was not that good, the premise seemed forced, and the script needed a little more work. It’s almost like the creators just threw something together over the weekend to make a quick buck. There were so many plot holes and why the hell did they do that moments, that at a certain point you could tell the audience was just waiting for the film to be over. Some things, like the main character’s brother barely being on the screen, though he lived in the same tiny apartment, were so obvious, that I nearly threw something at the screen in frustration. It was like the creators were giving the us the finger with crap like that.

There were at least a few startling and creepy moments, but it was mostly a well-filmed, high quality cash grab. I really don’t think they had any fu*ks left to give when they put this out. They’ll easily make a profit off of this though. Ironically, the producers of this film made The Conjuring and Sinister, two films extremely worthy of the genre. Maybe they unfortunately took a hands of approach.

What started out as a semi promising franchise has gotten long in the tooth faster than expected. Hell, might as well do another Final Destination at this point. I don’t know where Hollywood is going with this, but maybe Insidious Chapter 3 is another sign that the horror genre at least at the movies, is dead. I do not recommend this movie unless you could give a damn or your date is easily scared and it would make good foreplay.

I could be wrong, but as a fan of the genre since Nightmare on Elm Street when I was five, I highly doubt it.


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