richonnefeatureShip happens or so I’m unfortunately having to accept. Richonne is the beginning of the end of The Walking Dead and when the show turns out like True Blood I’m going to blame all the fan fiction, everyone needs to hook up, so called fans who never supported the source material!!! I knew this crap was going to happen even though I hated it. My fellow Black Geek, Dark Phoenix warned me, kept trolling me about it, and earlier in the week when someone had a rumor about the dreaded episode, she made it her business to insinuate that I needed to put my crow in the oven. I didn’t want to believe it, but I too sought out the leak and my entire week was a nightmare! I could barely eat or sleep, knowing that The Walking Dead was going to go way off the rails and put the comic book in the shredder! I watched the episode hoping that Richonne wasn’t going to happen, but I was woefully let down.

103c_zps03188cffRichonne is a HUGE mistake. Show’s like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, True Blood, etc. get made because the source material is so good. Fans of the source material are not looking for a reimagining, or huge diversions from the original plots, we just want the material brought to life on TV. Sure you can get rid of lesser characters every now and then, but when major changes are made, stuff happens, and it often ruins the adaptation.

My favorite example of this is True Blood. The Southern Vampire Mysteries were some of the best books in the genre. For many fans, we couldn’t wait to see what Sookie would get into next. There were Vampires, Witches, Shifters, Demons, Faeries, and all sorts of supernatural creatures. Outside of the last couple of books, things were so over the top that if any of it had been filmed, True Blood would still be on the air. The first season was practically flawless and that was because they literally followed the first book for the most part.

However, when they started making changes, it became progressively worse. One “small” change, like not letting Lafayette be the one found dead in Andy’s car, changed the entire momentum of the show. Granted, keeping Lafayette around was good for the most part, because the character in the show was 20x better than the book, BUT one of the reoccurring plot devices in the book was that the cooks at Merlotte’s kept dying and it tied into many of the major plots. That one change forever changed the show and then they had to keep finding stuff for Lafayette to do to keep him interesting and meaningful for the show. Hence all the crazy stuff with magic he later got into.

Then they changed other things like Jason not being a were-panther or Sofie Anne getting killed early in the show, etc. The point is the more they changed the source material, the worse the show got.

Same thing with Game of Thrones. Thanks to the changes, there’s no Stoneheart, there’s no prolonged and great drama among the Ironborn, and they’re having to change around, mix and combine characters, etc. it’s starting to get out of hand. So, I fully expect Game of Thrones to start falling apart because all the little changes are starting to add up and make things a complete

I buy The Walking Dead EVERY MONTH that it comes out and I’ve bought ALL the novels. I’m not saying I want or expect them to copy every little detail on the show, BUT the reason why the show exists, is because the formula written down and released each month works so well that it is literally more addictive than crack. Listening to these so-called fans of the show, that are more concerned with making stuff up based on their fantasies and fan fiction romances, instead of the loyal fans of the original work, messes up a good thing,

The Walking Dead started jumping the shark early on and because it did, fans of the show who for whatever reason, won’t support the creator by buying the comics or books, are missing out on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much good content! Dale should have never died so early in the show. There should have never been no foolishness at the CDC in the 1st season. Lori and Judith were supposed to die in spectacular fashion. Bob was supposed to be in Woodbury and his character is absolutely pivotal in the novels and had they kept that in tact, they could have had an AMAZING spin-off like in the novels. The Governor, Tyreese, and Carl were way more of a badass than the show made them. There’s so much they haven’t done, that it’s cringeworthy every time they make changes.

Some things are acceptable, like changing the sex of the leader of the-walking-dead-rick-and-michonneAlexandria. They more or less followed the comic there, but stuff like killing Andrea or Sophia off so early in the show, is the main reason they have to make stuff up now in order to loosely follow the comic. For those keeping score, ALL of the best episodes in EVERY season are the ones that largely follow the comic. Fall of the Prison, Alexandria Overrun, Rick doing the most Rick things, etc. they all are from the comic and when executed in a nearly page by page, paint by the numbers fashion, creates the most memorable and compelling episodes.

Based on the deaths of Sophia and Andrea, an example of how they try to compensate for the plot screwing like the plot, can be seen in how it looks like Enid is going to be something like Sophia and Andrea’s character traits are being split by Michonne and Sasha. How they’re going to repair the plot damage after giving in to the ridiculous ship crazy fan fiction types out there is anyone’s guess.

Michonne who they started screwing up early on by not letting her torture The Governor, not hooking up with Tyreese and causing Carol to kill herself out of jealously, is now supposed to be Suzy homemaker/Carl and Judith’s new mom. So this means there’s not going to be a hookup with Morgan (maybe that’s Carol’s job now) and there probably, most likely, definitely won’t be any relationship with an ACTUAL fan favorite Ezekiel, a dreadlocked, King, with a freaking tiger for a pet!

We’re stuck with this dumb ass Richonne foolishness and all that could have been great is diminished because people who could give a damn about the author and the people who so tirelessly work on the comic, got their way.

This is like a big FU to the fans Robert Kirkman but heh, the type of people who brought you 50 Shades of Grey are happy…

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  1. this post is beyond dumb. It’s funny to see all the butthurt racists who come up with ridiculous reasons why they don’t work. Your comments or “points” rather, are really stupid ??☺️

  2. Wow LOL. I actually used the comics and novels to make my point(s). Do you have any outside of name-calling? I made it clear that I don’t like this idea primarily because Michonne had two really good story arcs that they are going to have to abandon. My fear was not about “race” I can’t even see how you got that out of my post, but about the FACT that Andrea in the comic books since hooking up with Rick has been relegated to not much more than Carl’s new mom and barely heard from for many issues. Meanwhile, Michonne has been in the thick of things dealing with facing her demons, trying to decide if she can truly love again, and now revenge. Because of this major change, they will now have to rewrite those arcs or give them to someone else. Sasha right now who also is doing some of comic book Andrea’s arcs is currently filling in the arc with Abraham, Holley, and Rosita.

    However, feel free to tell me how I’m wrong in my opinion as a fan of The Walking Dead long before it was even a TV Show. What issue are you currently on? What novels did you finish? I await your response 🙂

  3. I am Soooo glad they made Richonne. it was the best thing for the show. Look, Michonne was with too many men on the comics and that pisses off a lot of people. The comics is not the tv show! Thank goodness. I am not interested in seeing her being with all these ‘black’ men just bc they share the same melanin. Stupid! I think you really don’t like her with Rick bc he is white. Her fight with the governor was amazing and needed to happen. Michonne is the best developed character on the show to date. So much growth and potential for her. There is no 50 shades of anything happening. We get like 10 seconds of love scenes which is appropriate. No one complains about Maggie being loved. Michonne doesn’t need to be slamming a crap load of people like in the comics. She has been a nun since this started. She is not comic Michonne. No one wants to see stereotypes of BW here. The ZA is all about survival and finding humanity. These people find love in the most unlikely of places and it is fantastic. Let them have this one little thing. She has been Ricks right hand for everything. Why is she good enough to help kill, war, plan but not be with someone for love. Whatever! Plus, she is really Carl’s mom. Ep 6×15 almost solidified that where Carl basically said he loved her and she whispered her to, to him. It was sweet and needed. The writers are not recreating the comics. This is its own thing and from its #1 status of most watched show world wide I think they are doing something perfect. Plus they had to stop people thinking Michonne would be with this Eizekel person in s7. Looks like Carol may get that role. Michonne and Rick deserve this. Love in the shit they live in. She is not a nanny to anyones kids and I hope you watched all the eps bc she is certainly no susy homemaker! Since when is there room for that mess on this show? Even pregnant Maggie went out when they had to fight. Thank goodness the huge majority of fans LOVE this and saw this pairing coming since s4.

  4. I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead before it was a TV show. I’ve read all the comics up to the current issue as of this reply all the side specials, and all the novels. Obviously, I’ve also watched all the episodes of the TV show. The fact that you wrote “This Ezekiel person” let’s me know that you haven’t read the comics and can’t fully grasp my commentary. ANYONE who thinks this has to do with race is cray cray plain and simple. Everyone who’s a fan of The Walking Dead and not just the show, knows that the TV show follows the comics and that Robert Kirkman and team just switches things up from time to time. BECAUSE OF THIS WELL KNOWN FACT, I made my comments about Richonne since TV Michonne has taken over comic Andrea’s parts. This doesn’t bode well for the character because Andrea’s role in the comics have been reduced significantly, whereas in the comics Michonne’s role has expanded and her plots have evolved to include love and revenge. We also learn why she’d acted the way previously and her aversion to relationships, which is some deep stuff. Ezekiel is a very important character and her relationship with him is pivotal to a current and major story arc. By getting rid of that in the show, they may be signalling that the show is going to wrap up in a season or 2. So be careful what you wish for and be wary of trying to debate a super fan of all things Walking Dead.

  5. I get what you are saying. You are a big fan of the comic and hate when the show veers away from the original source material. My question to you is why even bother watching the show if you expect everything to play out just like the comic? If the show followed the source material verbatim I think it would be quite boring. That is why the show have always switched things up to keep it a little different from the comic. When it comes to Richonne I get why you are not on board. In the comics Michonne had some great arcs and you feel that won’t happen because of Rick. I think you are wrong about this. I believe Michonne will play a big part in taking down the saviors, helping Rick rebuild his confidence, and protecting their community. Michonne kicks ass and that won’t change because she is with Rick. If Rick and Michonne didn’t get together who do you think would be a suitable mate for him? I really think Gimple made the right call putting Rick and Michonne together but I know some people will always hate this pairing.

    • It’s not that I want a faithful recreation down to the page (which the show often does) it’s that the story is so-compelling that seeing it realized is the ultimate desire. Changes are welcome, even Kirkman said he regretted chopping Rick’s hand off in the comic, but they’ve already stated that they follow the comics for the most part. So my issue with Richonne was that it’s obvious that Michonne is now comic Andrea and they’ve already giving parts of her badassery and Andrea’s to Sasha who’s also taking over Olivia’s role with Abraham. That means for those of us reading the tea leaves that Sasha is going to be the big bad and may end up with Ezekiel, leaving Michonne to do what? Andrea hasn’t been a blip in the comics for about 40 issues and all of Michonne’s stuff is directly related to Ezekiel. Meaning that they’d have to make up entire story lines to give Michonne something to do, which again is unlikely because they do follow the comics.

      • Michonne has no great story arc in the comics. She’s just a slut. she sleeps with Tyrese, then he dies. Then she sleeps with Morgan, he dies. She finally sleeps with Ezekiel and… well, he dies too. There is no love, no story, other than her jumping black dick after black dick. She seems to spot every black guy left in the apocalypse to aggressively go after them, one after another, no matter if they’ve got someone or not. TV Michonne is nothing like Comics Michonne. TV Michonne has values, she doesn’t sleep around, she’s not aggressive. Plus the comics is not much far ahead of the TV show, it’s like a season ahead since about three years. They can’t faithfully follow something that barely gives them time to plan, unless it’s just a live version. They made Rick and Michonne flirt with each other even before Rick and Andrea happened in the comics and Rick and Michonne in the comics were even much more closer than Rick and Andrea; the two of them barely even talked together before she went after him, it just came out of nowhere while Kirkman was writing, I guess, just to stretch the plot. I’m pretty sure it has always been planned that Rick and Michonne will be together in the comics. The TV version just caught that chemistry the comics had been building for issues! and did the same in the TV show, and when Rick+Andrea happened, Andrea was long dead in the show, so Rick+Michonne seemed like the next logic move.
        People like you are racist and don’t even realize it or want to pretend they don’t. I’m certain that if they had paired Rick with Sasha, you’d have less problem with it, or if they even put him with Maggie you’d think it’s interesting. You should just stop watching the show and stick on the comics.

  6. There are a lot of deviations from the source material , and Richonne is the least of my worries. Oversaturation of Carol and Daryl are on the top of my list, one never existed and the other was dead by the time Negan was introduced. Carol will be, more than likely, taking Michonne’s Kingdom arc and it seems Daryl will be taking Carl’s side arc with Negan. These tidbits irritate me more than anything. I do have to agree that in making Richonne happen, Michonne as an independent character will be sidelined, but to he honest, that started before she and Rick got together. Michonne has slowly been diminishing as a character since season 4.

    • True. I agree. Ezekiel and the Kingdom IMO will be either Carol or Sasha and I’m hoping that Daryl get’s Lucille’d. Glenn can go to Hilltop won’t change much of the Maggie arc until later… but my point is still that if others are taking Michonne’s arcs what is she going to do? Andrea has barely been mentioned in like 40 issues.

  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I actually have not read all of the comics. I try to keep up with people doing recaps of the issues. So, I am very well aware of comic Andrea parts being given to other people. It happens a lot on the show such as Denise getting Abraham’s death in the comic. Or Bob getting his leg eaten like Dale did in the comics. I know that you are not wanting the show to follow the comics directly. I believe and I agree that Michonne’s role is being reduced significantly as of right now. She is my favorite character and her badassery is unmatched. However, on the show, they don’t tend to show as much of her badassery. In season 3 and 4, you got to see Michonne fight and use her intelligence to get things done. In Season 5, that kid of got put to the side. I don’t know if the show writers’ intentions were to show how Michonne is conflicted being in Alexandria and dealing with her PTSD, but it came across really weak. In addition, I don’t agree Richonne should have happened. I see what everyone is talking about with Rick and her doing the staring and stuff, but I mostly saw it as Rick being attracted to her and not her being attracted to him. I really thought she had more going on with Daryl than with Rick. I saw more chemistry and comraderie between those 2 in the few scenes they had in season 3, 4, and 5 than all of what Rick and Michonne did.

    It almost like they don’t want Michonne to be the ultimate badass that she is in the comics for fear that it would take away from other characters. And I just don’t think that it possible. Not saying that comic Andrea is not a badass herself, but not on the level of comic Michonne. And tv Michonne is way above badassery level than any of the other women, including Carol. I see that it is almost like they are leaving nothing for Michonne to do except be Rick’s support system for when he is down. That is basically what she has been doing this whole time and the only time we really got to see her show her stuff is in Season 3 and Season 4.

    I think they also did this because Danai is such a strong and beautiful actress and to try and keep her on the show, they want to put her with the main male lead. Even though having Michonne and Daryl being a romantic couple could lead to a lot more possibilities. Daryl is not even in the comics and so a lot of arcs could have went to them. This would have enabled for Michonne to maintain her level of badassery, allowed us to see her in action, allowed for the interracial relationship aspect, allowed Michonne to be with someone that she didn’t have to nurse and babysit all the time like she does with Rick. Daryl has his own issues just like everyone else, but I really don’t think he needs Michonne to hold his hand like Rick does. Michonne does not need to be with the alpha of a pack as I have seen some comments like that because she is strong. Comic Michonne is just as strong and she wasn’t always with alphas, like Tyrese, Morgan, and Ezekiel. She may be an alpha female, but she would just need a mate who can be on her level. And as we saw in Season 4, her and Daryl had that going.

    Sorry for the long post, but I honestly used to ship Richonne for a long time. Until I started rewatching the seasons 3-6 and I realized that Michonne should have never been Rick’s second choice. I think that was what really turned it off for me. It was disrespectful to the woman that Michonne is. She would never accept being someone’s second choice like that. And really out of convenience!!! Nah…when this happened, I side-eyed the whole thing.

    But oh well. Richonne is canon and the only way I will ever see Dixonne as couple is in the wonderful world of fan fiction. 🙂 Great comments by the way.

  8. Thanks for the reply. You’re right Michonne is diminished. In the comics, she’s a force of nature, she’s almost like Storm from X-Men but more dangerous. Storm easily should be the leader and has serious potential to be the ultimate badass, but she’s a force waiting to be unleashed in reserve. Likewise, Michonne’s shadow hovers over all in the comics, she’s silent, deadly, and unpredictable. When she is unleashed though, nothing can stop her not even Rick. This is my beef with the show, because in the comics, Andrea grew into a badass and became domesticated once she hooked up with Rick. Being that they often use the comics as a guide, I fear the same will happen to Michonne for all the reasons you listed. She can’t be a force of nature and be in the main plots and sharing screentime with Rick, they have to diminish her in some way…

  9. As a HUGE Richonne shipper, your viewpoints on why you don’t support the Richonne decision makes the most sense out of all the dissenters that I’ve come across thus far. I never read the comic books, so I can totally see where you are coming from because a non-comic book fan doesn’t have the background knowledge to draw from. I feel exactly the same way about how the new Disney Star Wars series is going. Overall, Star Wars TFA was a disappointment because I am a fan of the Complete saga the way George Lucas created it–EP 1-3 included. Furthermore, I feel the new Disney version will work to omit this essential part of the story line and backstory to Darth Vader in which I am totally NOT OK with. That said, as a TWD TV only fan, I think for the creators not to have had Michonne and Rick get together would have been racist at best because they had everything that a strong relationship is based on–mutual trust, respect and a deep friendship that was not centered on infatuation or lust. That’s what most dissenters don’t seem to get and comments like they don’t look right together or that there was no on-screen chemistry between the two are simply based in denial of the obvious. Had Michonne looked like Andrea or Jessie, most dissenters would have expected their eventual relationship and would have been totally OK with the change from the original source. One more thing on this topic though–the creators of the TV series have done a fantastic job expanding the comic book drama and have captivated a completely new audience that may have never thought about reading the comics. In this regard, the Richonne ship has been a huge success. You could say the same thing for the creation of Daryl’s character which is one of the most popular characters and staple of the show.

  10. You’ve made amazing points blackbuttrfly, again my main beef about this ship is that I know they follow the comics and Rick’s S/O has little to no role after they end up an item. Andrea took a major backseat. Furthermore there is a lot that goes on with Michonne chief among them is Ezekiel and her leaving by boat and other stuff upon her return and fighting the Whisperers. So they may hook up Sasha with Ezekiel since she’s apparently going to continue to fulfill many of the comic roles of Michonne, Andrea, Olivia. Carol will probably hook up with Morgan since Michonne can’t like she did in the comic and maybe that’ll balance the scales. Daryl I wish they would kill him, but alas he’s not getting Lucilled at least no time soon. I just don’t want them to bench Michonne like they did Andrea. There are A LOT of things about to happen, hell Maggie is getting benched most of the 1st half of season 7. They have to develop the Saviors, Kingdom, Alexandria, etc. if non-readers only knew. The cast and story is about to grow huge. Even in the comics there are many issues that didn’t focus on Rick.

  11. I absolutely love them together and i love the way the show has been crafted and adapted. I much prefer TV Michonne to comic Michonne. I guess people will like hat they want to.

  12. Doesn’t seem like Michonne’s character was diminished at all after she and Rick got together. If anything the show has been presenting her as a leading lady. She’s his right hand and his co-leader.

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