The latest iPhone from Apple is everything we thought it would be and more, but that still doesn’t mean you should buy one.

The iPhone 7 has 50% – 60% more performance, a better camera, is waterproof, has 1-2 hours more battery life, stereo speakers, iOS 10 and awesome new colors. Even with the fake controversy surrounding the removal of the 3.5 mm jack, the iPhone 7 is truly the best iPhone ever made.

So why shouldn’t you buy one?

If you own an iPhone SE, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6S, believe it or not, your current phone is fast enough. No one likes to hear that in our hyper commercialized, you must have the latest and greatest tech toy society, but all hypocrisy aside (I own one) if I weren’t a tech geek, I couldn’t honestly recommend an iPhone 7 to any iPhone customer outside of  iPhone 5 owners.

The main reason is because the iPhone 8, 7S, or just iPhone, whatever it’s going to be called, is going to be the definitive iPhone.

In the iPhone 7 we see a preview of what’s to come. Blazing fast speeds, awesome camera, and a design that’s going to flow like one sheet of glass. I know telling people to wait until the next iPhone isn’t a compelling reason for many, but when you consider that most of the gains be they performance, increased screen pixels, or camera, while great, aren’t that much more noticeable to regular humans.

If you take these upgrades away, you’re left with a cool looking iPhone 6/6S that’s waterproof and missing a headphone jack.

I can honestly say that after a week with the iPhone 7 in regular mundane Black (don’t do Jet Black), that even though I notice the upgrades, they aren’t really that significant for most users.

If you think long and hard about it, such is the state of modern tech in general. The Galaxy S7 is not much better than the S6, Windows 10 is not much greater than Windows 8 or 7, or macOS Sierra much better than El Capitan or Yosemite.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket or absolutely, positively have to have the latest phone, you could do worse, like an exploding Note 7, but trust me, as a tech enthusiast and fan of Apple, wait until 2017.

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  1. I can agree with you on holding off on upgrading. I run a 6Plus and love it. This coming from a former Android user. The biggest issue I have which has me considering upgrade is memory or the lack there of. This wonderful device was delivered with only 16 gigs of storage.I did not choose this configuration. This, my first iPhone was a gift from my son. I am very great full to this Guy. I mean, what a cool gift. However to build a flagship, gold standard, iPhone with only 16gigs is a sin.

    Now with all of this explained, I have to note that for many years I have enjoyed photography as a hobby and discovered that there is, if you will A subset is photography that is mobile related. This caught at attention. So I have hardware ( tripod, etc) that makes it easy to move and experiment into this subset.

    What I am running into the constant juggling process of creating space for my projects. Is this not a reason and/or necessity to upgrade to the iPhone 7 with mega memory. Also with all of this justification I haven’t even mentioned the dual lens camera of th 7 Plus!

    What’s your opinion of my case and what would you do?

    Thanks for your thoughts before hand and your reply.


    • My comments were never meant to apply to every scenario and I’m far from an Apple hater. I own a Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, Beats Studio and Powerbeats, so I’m an Apple junkie. That said, for most users, I believe waiting until 2017 is ideal, but if you actually use the camera, getting an iPhone 7 Plus is the way to go. There is no doubt there. As an IT executive with 20 years Federal experience, I try to recommend products outside of the hype of commercialization. For instance, I recently had a conversation with an Apple Store employee about the new Apple Watch and we both agreed, unless you’re a runner or swimmer, the original Apple Watch is just fine. Since you actually plan to use your camera for more than the occasional selfie or more than adequate photo here or there, upgrading would be a good idea for you. Waiting until next year won’t change anything, because every year the camera is going to get better anyway. However, the 7 Plus is a great leap over the 6S Plus camera. I hope this helps.

  2. I would disagree, as you say – the upgrades on hardware are always incrementa so get what you can when you can afford it… However the waterproofing is not. This is the first AND ONLY apple iPhone to offer this kind of protection. Water damage is the #2 reason most device are ruined next to being dropped. Since I have not seen any sapphire glass phone roumors that are respectable for the iPhone 8 – I would encourage my family members and friends to get one as it’s the most durable iPhone made to date and is available now. If you have kids this well… you might just save a lot of money on phone replacements

    • Great points. I’d also like to point out however that most protection plans that usually come with or are purchased separately from carriers or Apple tend to cover water and physical damage.

  3. I’ve been an android user all my life. (Although I’m only a first year uni student so that’s not a very long time). I’ve recently decided that I really wanted to try having an iPhone, mostly because of iOS obviously.

    However, iPhones, even on a 2 year plan (at least here in Canada), are ridiculously expensive. So I was waiting for the iPhone 7 to be announced, to see if any of the older models drop in price to a reasonable price.

    My question is, how often do older models drop in price? I really don’t want the smaller iPhone because 4.7″ is too small for me after a nexus 6P, so I want to get the iPhone 6S. I realize that it’s 2 generations old now, so I was wandering if people who still have one think it’s worth it? Particularly, I am looking at these phones: but I’ll take other recommendations 🙂

    • Ultimately when it comes to tech you should always consider price/performance/features. iPhone consistently beats competitors in performance sometimes in features (depending on what you’re looking for) but rarely if ever price. If screen size wasn’t an issue for you, I’d recommend an iPhone SE which is probably the best iPhone ever made. That said, you’ll be fine with an iPhone 6S Plus and it should hold up at least another 2-3 years. You should be able to find one $400.00 or less easily. Heck, wait a few weeks and you might be able to buy mine on eBay 🙂

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