The year 2016 came to an end FINALLY! We’d love to be more sentimental about this year, but as many of you know, it has been a rough one. From beloved celebrity deaths to an embarrassing president elect, there is definitely enough items to put on a “worst of 2016” list. Yet, here at TBG, we want to start the new year off with some positivity (before we start throwing shade and giving side-eye again). 201 Check out our list of the best of 2016, featuring picks from some of our top contributors, and weigh in on what you loved from this tumultuous year. Happy New Year! May 2017 bring us a bit more joy and a lot less headaches.

Top Movies

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: A unique film with great storytelling. The graphics are nothing short of spectacular. It is a welcomed addition to the Harry Potter franchise. – ElectricSMG
Captain America Civil War: At the end of the day, Black Panther, Spiderman, Giant Man, and the battles even with the hokey comedy and shifty plot, made 2016 worth it, at least from a geek perspective. Fifteen solid minutes of awesome in Rogue One, just wasn’t enough to beat out Civil War. – Darthgeekonius
Rogue One: Not only did it make up for that lackluster trope filled mess called The Force Awakens, it forged new ground with old material. People like myself who have read most of the canon, including the new novels, were excited to see some of the lesser known stories unfold in the Star Wars Universe. The acting, story, and visual effects were amazing. Rogue One did not fall into cliché. – Potbelly Samurai


WarCraft: Yup, you read that right! I loved this movie, and not just because I enjoyed the game. I thought it was a great prequel to the story of the game. Also, can we get a standing ovation for the BLACK GIRL MAGIC going on in this movie with Ruth Negga and Paula Patton up in there as the two leading ladies? It was a fun movie. In a sea of Oscar bait films, sometimes you just need a good action fantasy movie to relax and enjoy. -MsChaunceyK (DarkPhoenix)

Top TV Shows

Mr. Robot: Mr. Robot was just mind-blowing. It was the one show that had me yelling at the screen. The writing was otherworldly. –  Big Baba Rob
Luke Cage: It’s one of the first well done renditions of a Black superhero, plus it has a very diverse cast. With all its action, captivating story, and killer soundtrack, this was a welcomed addition to the Black renaissance in media we are having. – ElectricSMG 
***Though it seems like the expected geek choice, Luke Cage was a serious drama, with some serious heavyweight actors. Even with stiff competition it moved an entire country and literally shut Netflix down! – Darthgeekonius
A tie between Marvel’s Agents of Shield and This Is Us: This season of Agents of Shield, (just like every other), made me want more. I cannot wait for the next season. Yet This Is Us was a representation of the (almost) normal family. Nothing was too out there, and everyone’s feelings were so relatable. Clearly, two masterpieces of television. – Daevon
Game of Thrones: Between the revelations about Hodor and The Battle of the Bastards, finishing its sixth season, Game of Thrones is still pound for pound, the best in the business. – Potbelly Samurai
Preacher: Although The Flash redeemed itself in my eyes so far with the first of half of season 3 (season 2 wasn’t good- but it will always be better than Arrow, am I right?) I’ll have to go with newcomer Preacher. Great action, story, characters, dark humor, and overall fun. Not to mention Ruth Negga (can you tell I’m a fan?) killing it as the leading lady of this series. Can’t wait for season 2! – MsChaunceyK’s (DarkPhoenix)

Top Comic Books

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year 5: I have read every issue of the Injustice series since Year One. I have 96 Injustice comics in my Comixology account. DC Comics Injustice series was my gateway drug to being an avid comic book reader and collector. Maybe I just wanted to see Batman beat the Boy Scout out of Superman. – Big Baba Rob
Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes): I loved the miniseries from a few years ago, and now that the newest spirit of vengeance has his own comic I am psyched! The first issue was nothing short of exciting. – ElectricSMG
The Wicked + The Divine Volume 2: I may be late. This volume may have dropped the previous year, but I read it this year, and still love this unique series so much! The gods come to earth every couple of decades and take the form of famous icons. They live on Earth for a few years, and then they die. Morbid and edgy with good comedy and action. You need to be reading this series. (Also there’s a lot of diversity in it- SCORE). – MsChaunceyK’s (DarkPhoenix)

Top Novels

Batman & Robin Eternal Volume 1: Ok… so I cheated just a little here. But… this Batman & Robin Eternal was just so deep. The story was very complex and highlighted the impact of Batman of the various Robins. It always showed how the Robins dealt with their internal issues. – Big Baba Rob
The Blood Mirror: The Blood Mirror is the latest book in The Lightbringer Series. The book is amazing, however, it gets a caveat because it was supposed to be the last book, and Brent pulled a George R.R. Martin on us and split the last book in two. For everyone not familiar Brent Weeks, definitely check out the series! – Potbelly Samurai
Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt: Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the liberation of Kashyyk? Sign me up! Also we get to follow new favorites Nora Wexley, and her crew, as they are pursued by the relentless and cunning Admiral Rae Sloane! Aftermath: Life Debt is the continuation in a series of new canon books that prove that the Star Wars property is in the right hands at Disney. – Darthgeekonius

Top Video Games

Rocket League: ROCKET LEAGUE!!!! Soccer and hockey played with wall sticking rocket cars. Who thought this up? The five-minute matches are so very addictive. “Rocket League” was one of my best video game purchases. – Big Baba Rob
Pokémon Sun/Moon: I grew up with this franchise and, though they are getting old, Nintendo is still keeping it fresh with interesting new features. The new game is traditional, yet not stale or too gimmicky. – ElectricSMG
Uncharted: A Thief’s End: WHERE DO I START? The graphics, the plot, the transitions? Everything was so smooth and beautiful. There isn’t much more to say than that. – Daevon
Microsoft’s Game Anywhere: My favorite top game of the year isn’t a game at all. Microsoft unveiled Game Anywhere, their attempt to merge the worlds of console and PC gaming. This allows gamers to purchase a game one time and play on multiple devices or engage in a cross platform multiplayer. This has been a dream of gamers for years, and thanks to Microsoft, that dream is a reality. – Darthgeekonius


Apple W1 Chip: Exploding phones, weird looking wireless earphones, and Microsoft going hard in the paint were some of the highlights of tech in 2016. For me, even in a world of VR, self-driving cars, and smarter AI, my favorite tech in 2016 goes to the W1 chip powering all of Apple’s new headphones. The W1 chip, which can be found in the new Powerbeats 3, Solo 3, Beats X, and AirPods, allows you to connect one time on one device and easily switch and sync between Apple devices. If you own multiple Apple products from the Apple Watch, to iPhone, Macbook, or Mac, gone are the days of having to pair, unpair, or disconnect your headphones when you want to switch from one device to the other on the fly. For Apple users, this is, in the words of uncle Joe Biden, a big freaking deal! – Darthgeekonius
Tesla Solar: As a computer geek, I’m supposed to say that the best technology of 2016 is something like advances in VR gaming or highlight the new features of some game system. Instead, I’m going to take a more global view and name the Tesla Solar Roof as the Best Technology for 2016. Tesla has pioneered the next big evolution in renewable energy.  Coupled with the Tesla Powerwall announced in 2015, we are looking at the energy technology of the future. The roof tiles are more durable and affordable than the current technology. Instead of large panels mounted on an existing asphalt or terracotta roof, the energy collecting tiles ARE the roof. Widespread implementation of this technology will decrease demand on the aging American electrical infrastructure and pave the way for greater energy independence. – BigBabaRob


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