I’m never going to get tired of telling people that the definitive way to experience The Walking Dead is the comic. I don’t care how much you ship, how great people can act, or the shear spectacle of the show, The Walking Dead Comic, the medium that started it all, is still #1 and I implore all fans of Kirkman’s work, to start reading today. In fact, stop reading this review of issue 163, and grab a copy and start reading.

TWD Issue 163 CoverIssue 163 of The Walking Dead picks up where issue 162 left off, with Rick and the rest of Alexandria getting ready to shit their underwear! Who could blame them? What was approaching wasn’t a herd, wasn’t a mega herd, or a super herd; a literal ocean of the undead was making its way toward their gates and there was nothing they could do about it!

Thanks to the Whisperer’s last stand, the ocean first witnessed by Rick when Alpha showed it to him, has been unleashed and now everyone knows what Rick knew, that if that ocean came for them, they’d be screwed beyond screwed. 163 continues as the ocean is on the doorstep of Alexandria and the town must figure out what to do. There’s no time to evacuate, run, or prepare, so there’s nothing left to do but fight and there’s no way anyone’s surviving a fight with the undead tidal wave.

Michonne, Negan, and Jesus are the clear badasses of this issue, but Eugene also finds his inner Abraham as they some of the community sets out to confront the horde, while others stay behind. Rick is proving more and more inept each issue and one wonders if Kirkman has decided to kill him off, but hasn’t quite decided who will replace him as the lead character. Either way, it seems that Rick’s days are numbered. He’s not even 40 yet, but he’s literally become Herschel Greene and what Alexandria needs right now is a warrior. If I were a betting man, I believe Michonne will take over the mantle when Rick eventually is put out to pasture.

This issue was fast paced and exciting from cover to cover. It kept my heart in my chest the entire time. Kirkman could end the series in a few more issues thanks to the events in this issue and it would be perfectly understandable.

For those who want to get started on The Walking Dead but don’t want to buy and read 163 issues, start at issue 111 which is where the TV show currently is in the timeline. Also, check out The Walking Dead novels especially on Audible, if you don’t have time to read books. Some amazing writing and characters await you.

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