What happens when you mix Mortal Kombat with “Cybertronian citizens”? You get Transformers: Forged to Fight. As a personal protégé to Optimus Prime, I take my Transformers very seriously. When I hear that another Transformers game is being released, I’m very skeptical.  Let’s start with the elephant in the room. There have been a NUMBER of Transformer themed games created over the years. Most of the games received mixed reviews.

1986_Transformers_VideoGameOne of the first Transformers themed games was created for the Commodore 64 in 1986. Ohhhh… the Commodore 64! How it brings back such great memories of my childhood. But I digress. The more recent games have been RPG (role playing game) style: drive, fly, transform, run, shoot, and complete the mission. Combat has always been a constant with every Transformers game.

Transformers: Forged to Fight has gone in a different direction. It’s all about the fight. Two mighty bots going head to head, kumite style.

The trailer gives a few positive looks at this new game from Kabam Vancouver.

First, they pulled character designs from the Michael Bay movies as well as the original series. This is great for Transformer purists as well as newcomers who only know of the movies. The designs are quite beautiful and detailed.

Decepticons from FTF AutoBots from FTF


Second, the designers appear to have made some of the attacks specific to the character. This is exciting for the fact that the special abilities of select Transformers are very cool. For example, it was exciting to see in the trailer that Mirage uses the wire-frame box to teleport. Starscream transformed, and used the wind mounted missiles from the fighter jet form. There is no doubt that Soundwave will most likely have some form of sonic attack, and Grimlock will probably have some kind of ground quake stomp, or fire breath attack.

Finally, the game takes advantage of the transformations. Attacks will come in robot mode and vehicle mode.

Let’s be honest. Transformers is all about the transformations. Transformations are always cool to watch in slow motion and sped up. Kabam took the time to make the transformations part of the battle. This is a winning factor for a Transformers video game.

[NOTE: What’s the conclusion? Do you recommend the game? In the beginning you said you were skeptical. Are you still skeptical, or do you think gamers should give it a go? Let’s get one or two more sentences with that conclusion to round off the article.]

For mobile gamers who like one-on-one fighting games, this appears to be a promising entry into the genre. The wide ranges of fighting styles and characters, looks to give players the experience of a Street Fighter game; but with the versatility of your favorite autonomous, shape shifting, mechanical beings. Add this game to your Spring wishlist.

Transformers: Forged to Fight is due out in Spring 2017 in The App Store and Google Play. Check out the website for more information.

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