“Injustice: Ground Zero” is  the next chapter of the Injustice comic book series, and it has taken a radical twist in storytelling.

Fun fact: I purchased my first comic book “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year One” Issue One – when I was 40 years old. I was hooked. By the time I got to the end of issue one, I wanted more. I needed to know what happened next. Injustice was available every Tuesday. By Sunday, I was always looking forward to my Tuesday download. ComiXology was my pusher, and I was ready to buy. I would read the series anywhere I could. On the train ride to work, on my lunch break, or while I was on a conference call.

I followed for years  as Superman became more crazed and Batman continued to search for more options to overthrow the oppressive Regime. Some issues were a little slow, while others made you want to stand up and cheer. The Injustice series was never short of “OMG” moments. The plotting, the shocking moments, the deaths, and the epic, epic, EPIC battles were nothing short of amazing. Every story was woven by talents such as series creator Tom Taylor, and Year Four/Five writer Brian Buccellato. These amazing stories would constantly set our DC Comic heroes on the edge of life and death.

As the comic books series entered Year Four, I knew that the story needed to come to some grand finale. It was later announced that Year Five would be the final year. My excitement grew as Year Five passed 20 digital issues. When was this roller coaster going to come back to the station? Who was going to win this battle of Titans? How were they going to end “Injustice: Year Five?” Well…. they decided to start over… per se.

To my great surprise, DC Comics launched the “Injustice: Ground Zero” series. The series is fairly young, so I’m not going to spoil the premise, but it takes a whole new angle on the perspective of the story. To this point, the entire series is being told from the perspective of a battle worn Harley Quinn. You could have set me on an exploding whoopee cushion. I thought that Buccellato was just going to do the first issue from her perspective as an introduction to the new series. I was quite wrong.


The narration is just as complex as Dr. Quinzel’s alter ego. You don’t just get the classic Harley Quinn quips and commentary. You get the behind the scenes mental battle. Some moments in Issue #3 get pretty dark. The decision to tell the story from the POV of one of the most colorful members of the DCU is brilliant. I cannot even begin to imagine how the writer(s) embrace the this level of logic to create the dialogue.

Everything was pretty cut and dry for Harley in the early Injustice comics. Superman killed her Puddin’ (The Joker), so it only made sense for her to side with Bats to take down the Regime. She has made peace with the loss of the Joker, and her mission in life is clear. She forms some special bonds with Shazam, Green Arrow, and Batgirl. Ground Zero challenges Harley in new ways. It gives an introspective on the battle she experiences with her internal and external demons. We get a front row seat to the insanity. We get to see and hear this new conflict from her perspective, while she makes decisions that she thinks make sense. This is Harley Quinn after all. Her logic is just as twisted as a strawberry Twizzler.


Check out the amazing “Injustice: Ground Zero” comic book series. While you will miss out on some of the backstory, Issue #1 will give you a good jump off point. By the time you get to Issue #3 you will either want to go back and read the previous series, or you will be ready for Issue #4 and more.

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