Tired of trying to get that perfect bathroom mirror selfie, or tired of seeing people post them? Frustrated with the way your friends, or significant other, just can’t seem to get the right camera angle, although you’ve had them take at least fifty pictures of you in multiple poses in the course of ten minutes? Can’t seem to get the perfect “usie” of you and your friends out on the town because you’re limited by the reach of your arm or your selfie-stick?

Well, 2017 is YOUR year (outside of everything else going to hell politically). Drones aren’t just your military, spy on citizens and bomb people, gadgets anymore! This technology is being cultivated for what’s really important (and less lethal)—social media postings! If you haven’t heard of it by now you’re already behind the curve, because the AirSelfie is about to be YUUGE.

The device is being touted as the world’s smallest portable flying camera that integrates with smartphones. Created and trademarked by AirSelfie Holdings Group the selfie drone is being released to the public this March after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“Who said selfies were confined to sticks? With this ground-breaking device, you’ll be able to snap aerial photos directly from your phone. Sky’s the limit. We are thrilled that we exceeded our goal so quickly, thanks to the thousands of people from 81 countries all over the world who trusted in the project and decided to be part of it making it possible. Now we’re pleased to be able to produce and ship the AirSelfie,” said Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie, referring to the Kickstarter goal being reached in the first 72 hours of launch. “We’ve worked very hard to create a product that everyone can use to live a totally new experience.”

In a recent statement to the press, the company explained that AirSelfie is comprised of four powerful propellers and a five-megapixel video camera, is smaller than a smartphone and can fly vertically up to 66 feet. This allows users to take aerial selfies of themselves and their friends. The device connects to the most popular smartphones, including iPhone (6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus), Huawei P9, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It includes self-generated Wi-Fi and comes equipped with a battery that’s rechargeable through a cell phone case. There is also an option to purchase an external power bank. The vibration-absorber system and in-flight stability systems guarantee stable, clear, flowing images.

You can pre-order AirSelfie on the official website www.airselfiecamera.com.  Buyers will have the option of two package choices: AirSelfie + phone cover price for $261.50 or AirSelfie and powerbank for $272. Expected delivery is May 2017. Not a bad asking price given that most smartphones can run for well over three hundred dollars by themselves! Besides, can you really put a price on a perfect Instagram photo?

“People have the impression that flying cameras are costly, difficult to operate and unwieldy,” said Stroppiana. “AirSelfie redefines the space with a device that’s small, light and easy to use,” the co-founder concluded.

Are we entering an era where selfie drones are zipping around us in public and private spaces? Can we anticipate parties and get togethers filled with flying objects that aren’t drinks from the hands of girlfriends into their cheating boyfriends faces (memories…)? Will the dreaded (and ridiculous) bathroom mirror selfie be outdated? (Seriously, those ALWAYS look ridiculous, you DO realize your arm and phone are blocking part of you, right?) Only time will tell, but selfie technology is progressing by leaps and bounds. Go forth, and may your selfies be flawless!

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