z nation season 2#ZNation has returned and all is well in the world. With it’s own brand of tongue in cheek humor combined with a healthy mix of action, Z Nation stands apart from other zombie apocalypse TV shows. Unlike shows like The Walking Dead which are meant to be serious, drama filled explorations into the human condition, Z Nation doesn’t take itself serious and from the very first episode, lets viewers know that laughs are more important than tears. Lead by a great cast which includes an ass-kicking, Black Female Army Lieutenant, an Emo/Goth sharpshooter who’s keeping count of his kills, an old salty cantankerous man, a pair of warring star crossed lovers, a half-zombie narcissist and his newly turned apprentice, and a¬†lone survivor at NORAD, Z Nation explores all those things never covered on those other zombie apocalypse shows, like can a bear become a zombie, how fast can a zombie baby move, and what happens to zombies caught in tornadoes.

Season 2 picks up where the last ended. Nuclear warheads fill the sky, Murphy’s made a run for it, and the team is split up. Roberta and her crew race to outrun the fallout, Murphy is bluer than ever and in the buff, and Citizen Z now has to deal with thawed out zombies. If you had any thoughts that Z Nation would slow down from the crazy, think again. In this first episode alone, we got magic bullets that kill multiple zombies in a single shot, zombies making out, zombies being killed by pool balls, and of course zombie strippers.

Z Nation is one of those sleeper shows that may not get the attention shows like The Walking Dead do and that’s a shame because it’s wildly entertaining, has a strong female lead, and does things that no one that isn’t on drugs would put on TV. Check out Season 1 and you’ll be hooked. Stay for Season 2 because it’s obvious from episode one that the insanity¬†will continue.



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