Apple Watch wins the wrist war before it starts

Ever since Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch last September, it’s been one disappointment after another as far as I’m concerned. Apple’s first wearable won’t come in the minimalist form factor of the fitness bracelets I love. Worse yet, the launch version of the fashion-forward device will lack GPS, suffer from underwhelming battery life and fail to offer truly native third-party apps.

For the first time, I realized I would not be buying an Apple product when it first hit the market. “It’s not worth lining up for,” I told my dad when he asked what I thought after the Apple Watch’s big reveal.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Apple Watch’s launch day, which is coming sometime this spring. And I’m not talking about the previously unthinkable — an Apple fan calling the Microsoft Band the best smartwatch on the planet. No, I’m talking about wading through an ungodly sea of really bad smartwatches at International CES earlier this month and seeing indisputable proof of just how innovative and disruptive Apple Watch actually will be.

The Apple Watch is the most divisive product Apple’s launched since the iPhone, with plenty of detractors saying it’s not even going to be an iPod-size hit. “It’s a niche techie device that normal people aren’t going to want to wear,” is the general complaint I’ve heard.

But after roaming the fitness and wearables section at CES, I’m certain Apple Watch is going to destroy half the companies battling in this space within the next two to three years. It’s not even going to be a close fight.

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