I’ve watched the 2004 version of A Series of Unfortunate Events until the DVD burned out, read the entire series until the pages wore thin, and still listened to every audiobook. That’s how much I loved this series! If you’re like me, you may have told yourself that the Netflix version would never be as good as the original adaption and could never hold up in comparison to such an iconic franchise. I never like remakes, especially when they don’t have the same characters, but let’s face it, remakes never do. However, if you decided to give the Netflix version of A Series of Unfortunate Events a chance, you know that the series is doing the original versions so much justice!

A Series of Unfortunate Events Count OlafNeil Patrick Harris just devours this role. His rendition of count Olaf is beyond reminiscent of Jim Carrey’s adaptions! Harris’s version is so refined and fresh that all of my nostalgia dissipates when I watch the series. The show includes many modern elements that work their way into the story so effortlessly, and for such a grim color scheme, and an even grimmer storyline, the character’s personalities are so colorful!

One of my favorite aspects of the Netflix adaption is their ability to focus on the important characters in the books, which is easier to do in a series rather than one movie. There are small twists (even as early as in the first episode) that will keep you coming back. Not only has Netflix made a pretty good addition to Lemony Snickett’s legacy, but they are also combating the lack of diversity in media. So far, there is a mix of characters who are minorities, and by the looks of it there will be much more diversity to come! Hopefully we get both diversity and amazing storytelling in future seasons. This show is an 8.7/10 because it transports me to its world and I’m looking forward to binge watching this for every season it comes on. I suggest you all watch it.

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