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“Aurion” is a Role Playing game with deep roots in African culture

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is not your average role-playing game (RPG). I’ve played many games with deep story lines, but nothing like Aurion. It is a beautiful education in African spirituality, and a journey into the understanding of self.

This game dives deep into various elements of African culture, from frequent mentions of ancestors, to principles to live by, such as community, honor, and loyalty. The heavy African storyline might not appeal to everyone. The more I played, the more I embraced the story. For some people, they will feel the deep connection with the characters and their culture. Other people will find themselves lost in the struggle of Enzo Kori-Odan, the African Prince of Zama, and Erine Evou, his soon to be wife.

Aurion Backstory

Together Enzo and Erine travel through various locations, encountering a variety of bad guys and monsters. The frequent battles grant you EXP and money. The money allows you to purchase food, weapons, and other gear to enhance both characters. In their travel they have to talk to a number people, complete many missions, and of course, go trade for items in the markets.

The gameplay is pretty fun. As you progress, you gain more skills which give you access to a variety of fighting styles. The styles give you access to different fighting moves and combos. You even have the option to change styles in the middle of a fight. If I were to give you one suggestion, it would be to practice the aerial combat. The ability to keep your opponent off the ground for a long period of time and defeat him/her/it away from the other combatants is extremely helpful. There were a number of times during this game that I could feel the influence of Goku from DragonBall Z. Not within the story, but within the power leveling of Prince Enzo.

The AI is competitive. This is not a walk in the park. You will have to think. This is not a button masher. You will have to stop to regenerate your Action Points in the midst of battle. Different combat profiles are more effective depending on the type and number of combatants.

Aurion started out as a Kickstarter from Cameroonian developer Kiro’o Games.

In summary, I am giving Aurion: Legacy if the Kori-Odan a 4 out of 5 Ebony Ingots. The gameplay is fun and the story is excellent. The one downside is the dialogue can be very tedious. The creators put an extreme emphasis on the story development. There is a considerable amount of dialogue used to explain the current situation, as well as the historical relevance. Take the time to read through the dialogue; it’s extremely well written.

One word of caution… this game is not for young kids. There were several points in the games where characters make negative comments about men and women. Some people might be offended by what would be considered “male-bashing” and “misogynistic” comments by some of the characters. But these moments are balanced with the love and respect shown between Enzo, Erine, and other characters, along the way.

I have one more observation, I would like to mention. Even though this game was not created to address any American political issue, I found this moment in the game to be very ironic.
I was traveling to another village and the guards were not very fond of… “outsiders”…


  1. Awesome review. I love the game. I have not finished and working on getting achievments. I just am still facing off against the head Koross.

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