OK wow, I don’t know where to go with this. I’m happy to finally see SOMETHING, but now I’m not sure I’m glad I did. The timing just wasn’t good on this trailer WB. I’m hoping beyond hope that the “exclusive” trailer viewing I got tickets to on the 20th is different, because I’m not excited at all by this trailer. Maybe WB decided to release it after the leak the other day, or maybe it’s misdirection. Either way, if the goal was to build hype and anticipation, I’m not sure it worked.

Was the trailer good? Well maybe. The problem is this week alone we got an new Avengers Age of Ultron trailer, an Ant-Man trailer that wasn’t half bad, then a Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer that literally gave people goosebumps and then EA followed up with a Star Wars Battlefront trailer that in some ways was better than all of the above.

This Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice trailer only did ONE THING in my eyes: it at least made Batfleck viable and he gives Christian Bale a run for his money with the whole gravely voice thing. Other than that, we get an interesting set up that never quite built anything up and where in the heck is Wonder Woman and the other members we know are going to be in this film or at least teased?

I hope they get it better the next time out, but as it stands, based on this trailer alone, I’m not interested. Heck, I’m more interested in Deadpool and Fox has already poured radioactive jizz in my eyes on their first attempt. Hopefully it’s just me. What do you think?

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