There have been rumors floating around about Lex Luthor’s role in Batman vs. Superman , but there’s been little confirmation about anything involving Jesse Eisenberg ’s take on the character. So far, we pretty only know that this version of Luthor is still bald, thanks to the first official image of Eisenberg in character. That’s it, really. But a new rumor suggests something a little more interesting for Superman’s longtime nemesis.

According to JoBlo, the version of Lex Luthor we’ll see in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman will be sporting some armor, similar to the armor he’s worn in comic books and animated versions of the character. The villain has never had this armor in any live-action iterations, but there’s a first time for everything.

Per the new rumor, Luthor will wear his warsuit at some point in the film, and it will look very similar to the comic book versions — although tailored more to Snyder’s own aesthetic. So, you know, grittier.

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