Blackfinity-gauntlet-headerSomething special happened on the weekend of March 19th. Black Podcasters from VA to NYC and Blerd family from near and far came out to The Blackfinity Gauntlet. We supported Amalgam Comics and got a chance to meet-up with so many members of the Blerd community. We gave a wrap-up of the event.

There has been a lot of chatter about season two of Daredevil on Netflix. We’ll gave our commentary on the latest union between Marvel and Netflix.

The Walking Dead continues to bring the drama on tv and between The Black Geeks. Get some deep insight about the show and the comics from our expert panel.

The second major comic book movie of the year is just days away. The hype continues to build toward Batman vs. Superman. Who’s Ready? Are The Black Geeks ready? Find out!

Will we have Sith News or Big Baba News???? Tune in and find out!

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