Capture1Many readers of The Walking Dead Comic and to a lesser extent the viewers of the TV show, have a unhealthy relationship with Rick Grimes. This love affair borderlines on worship and it keeps people blinded from a simple truth: Rick Grimes is not a good leader. Sure Rick has gotten the survivors out of many jams and his role as a quasi-Messianic figure may even help inspire others to thrive, but Rick has had far more losses than wins. Many of the L’s he’s taken have had not only disastrous consequences and have gotten people killed, but most could have been completely avoided. Issue 153 of The Walking Dead Comic like 152, highlights the truth of Rick’s failed leadership yet again. For those who are up to date on the comic you can relate, but for others, beware, spoilage incoming.

Negan is by far the biggest threat to Rick since The Governor and comparatively speaking, the one-eyed baddie isn’t even on the same level or weight class as Negan. When he showed up on the scene in Issue 100 and made mush out of Glenn’s cranium, Negan made it crystal clear that like the name of the arc he was something to fear. In the plotting, planning, and battle that followed, Rick eventually found himself triumphant. However, like many pivotal crossroad decisions that have faced Rick, he had an opportunity and squandered it. After killing Glenn, Holly, and countless others, instead of doing what most sane people would and put a round between Negan’s eyes, he decided that now was the time for idealism and he locked Negan into a cell, which the TV show was obviously setting up when Morgan built one.

No one seemed to think locking Negan up was a good idea, but Rick forged ahead anyway setting up what most eventually knew was coming in Issue 153. All it took was a hormonal Carl to lose his virginity to the wrong girl, another disgruntle teen pissed at Rick offing his dad, and presto-chango Negan was set free and is now on the loose. There’s no telling what he’ll do next and that will definitely keep Rick up at night! It definitely should!

Thanks to Rick’s consistent poor leadership not only do the survivors have to worry about The Whisperers, now they have to worry about Negan… again…


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