For the past couple of months, Blizzard has been releasing short animated movies about the characters and universe of Overwatch; the latest of which was released today. The short is called Dragons and features the game’s ninja characters, Hanzo and Genji. In the short we see an intense duel between the two ninjas as we discover the secret behind their deep seeded rivalry. It’s a pretty great short and remarkably animated, though you shouldn’t expect any less from Blizzard.

I hate to keep comparing Overwatch to Team Fortress 2 for the umpteenth time, but I can’t help but be reminded of the equally great Meet The Team shorts produced by Valve. Not that copying Valve is altogether a bad idea, especially in this case. Both series are a great way to introduce a new audience to the world and characters they’ll be spending hours playing with, and if there’s one area that Valve and Blizzard are completely unrivaled in, it’s animation. Let’s just hope that Blizzard doesn’t copy Valve completely and take five years to finish these shorts. You can watch Dragons below. Overwatch will be released May 24th.

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