The first half of this decade has been pretty great for horror video games with the release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Outlast. Indie developers took the familiar tropes of the survival horror genre and added modern sensibilities to create a new slew of horror fans, and it seems that developer Red Barrels plans on continuing on this route with their sequel to 2013’s surprise hit, Outlast. The game was announced way back in October, but last week Gamespot released the very first gameplay trailer for Outlast 2.

The video features the player character being chased by some pretty terrifying religious zealot types through an equally terrifying cornfield. Unlike what we’ve come to expect out modern horror games, there isn’t really a big “jump scare moment” in the trailer; It’s mostly just your player character being chased in the dark. I found that oddly satisfying when I could manage to actually watch the trailer without my hands over my face. I feel the best kind of horror comes less from jump scares and more from atmosphere, which it seems Outlast 2 has in spades. The trailer is packed with tension and promises the Red Barrels has yet to lose their touch in scaring the living bejesus out of us all. Still, I might have resort to watching Let’s Plays of the game. I have a very weak bladder and very expensive chairs. Outlast 2 is planning for a release sometime in fall 2016.

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