Earlier this week we speculated and made predictions on who could possibly bite the bullet in Captain America: Civil War. The comics hold a pretty integral part in the death of Steve Rogers, and with the death of Quicksilver in Age of Ultron it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think the Marvel CU would continue playing around with death. After watching the film, we decided to come back to those speculations and say what we got right and what we got wrong.

Just a fair warning: from this point on, there will massive spoilers. I’ll do my best to avoid movie ruining spoilers, but considering we are talking about the fates of many of the major players, it’s safe to say you might want to catch the movie before you read any further


To start with our first prediction, the characters we speculated would survive have indeed done so. There was little doubt considering we already know they have movies in production. The only odd one out was Tony Stark who doesn’t have a staring role in any future projects. It’s still possible that Stark will take a background role in future MCU movies, but without wishing to spoil too much, he might still have a spot in the front lines.

Hawkeyes, Black Widow, or War Machine


In our speculation article, we considered the possibility of no major deaths in Civl War, and we were pretty spot on with that possibility. Our prediction of Hawkeye taking the dirt nap was way off. His role is almost a cameo in the story at large. The closest we get to a death was actually War Machine, who didn’t even die. It seems like Marvel wanted to have it’s cake and eat it too. I think they wanted the shock of a death without actually killing off any of their major characters. Marvel’s a bit too afraid of hero death in their cinematic universe at the moment. The only reason Quicksilver was killed was to avoid legal trouble with Fox over the use of that character. Their compromise with War Machine is that he sustains a pretty major injury that puts his role as War Machine into question. It’s fairly tragic and holds more emotional weight than simply killing the character off would have done, so this might have been the better move for the film.

The Winter Soldier

This was one of the predictions we were much closer on. A lot of the emotional conflict for Captain America does indeed come from where he places his allegiance and friendship, Tony or Bucky. However his ultimate decision and the length of his arc were much simpler and straight forward that we had predicted. For those who haven’t seen the movie but are still reading, I won’t say who Rogers ultimately sides with, but it did catch me off guard. Another good one on you, Marvel

Captain America

Much to my surprise, Captain America comes out fairly unscathed from the “Civil War”. Again, without wishing to spoil the entire movie, his position as Captain America is compromised, but he lives to see the end of the movie. If Marvel were going to replace Steve Rogers with another hero, though, it would seem to me they would probably make Bucky the next Captain America. Sam Wilson continues his role as Captain America’s glorified sidekick and while Marvel continues to give nods to Bucky taking up the shield. As in, he literally picks up and uses Captain America’s shield in a few fights, most noticeably in a fight towards the end of the movie and it’s kind of a shame. Not to disrespect Sebastian Stan, but Anthony Mackie just has a stronger screen presence and more charm to his performance, that and it would be cool to see a black Captain America on the big screen.

Ultimately, a lot of our speculation was unfounded, which might have been for the best. As fun as it is to see superheroes die, in the same way you’d have fun watching reality TV stars get voted off the show, it might’ve made this movie more shallow. As is, there’s a lot of subtle depth to the story that would have just been misread as cynical had half the cast died.

The Russo brothers have made yet another great Marvel flick, and certainly a much better Superhero Vs. Superhero story than another movie I could mention.

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