In a few short days one of the most anticipated movies of the year is coming to theaters. Captain America: Civil War is based off one of the most popular cross-series comic book events in recent memory. The civil war between Earth’s mightiest heroes is one most fans know well. While keeping the same general story, different events happen in different versions . The version I’m most familiar with is Mark Millar’s 7 issue run. Without giving too much away, none of the major cinematic universe Avengers die. A few heroes die, or are already dead by the time the war happens in this timeline. Considering the limited use of most of the heroes that do end up dying in the comics, that begs the question: who the hell will they kill off?

There’s a few people that I’m pretty sure won’t die. Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther obviously won’t because they both already have movies lined up after this. I’m also fairly certain Tony Stark will live mostly because in every version of the comic he manages to elude death. That brings up the new question of what would happen to Iron Man though. He’s already declared that that part of his life is over with, and at the end of the Millar version of the comics, he takes a background role in the Marvel universe. That lines up really well with what the cinematic universe seems to have planned for him. That being said, let’s explore the possibility of some of the other characters dying:


Hawkeye, Black Widow, or War Machine

In my opinion if there is going to be death, one of these three would make the most sense. In the absence of minor heroes to knock off, Avengers-BW-H-side-by-side470x264these three are the least pivotal. I’m not saying they’re not important by any means, but none of them have their own movie franchises separate from the Avengers. Seeing as how Hawkeye seems to be the least favorite among fans, he would be my choice between the three of them to kick the bucket. We’ve already seen War Machine seemingly on the brink of death in the previews, so he’s a good runner-up for the bucket kicker.




The Winter Soldier

This is another possibility I think they might do. Bucky doesn’t make an appearance in most versions of the comic I’m aware of. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, the emotional turmoil seems to be Captain America’s choice between his old friend in Bucky, or his fairly new ally in Tony. At the very least it looks as though Bucky is pushing for a more aggressive resolution than Steve usually takes. In my opinion, if the choice of killing Tony or Bucky presents itself, Captain America would ultimately choose to go against the aggressive nature Bucky is imposing.


Captain America

I really hope this isn’t what happens, although it is a very distinct possibility. Let’s not explore how it might happen, because at this point it could be anything, but who would then take up the role of Captain America. There’s a few different Captain Americas in the comics after Steve Rodgers, two of them being new-captain-america-trailer-shows-off-winter-soldier-villainBucky and Sam Wilson; both of which are obviously fighting beside the Cap in this movie. Falcon to me is more likely. Anthony Mackie is a much more prominent actor than Sebastian Stan and is already pretty well liked as Falcon. Hopefully neither of them have the opportunity to take up the role, but we’ll see.


There’s a few people absent from the cinematic universe that have a role in the Civil War story and I’m curious as to how those roles will be filled. In the comics Dr. Strange spends the entire war meditating acting as a neutral party not wanting to sway the turmoil in towards either side; and I’m wondering if that’s what Thor and the Hulk may be doing as well.

In all honesty, it could go any direction. This movie so far has been hailed as the best Marvel movie to date and considering how good Winter Soldier was, I trust in the writers to make whatever happens, happen well.


Written by: Gareth Cobb; May 4th, 2016

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