The Walking Dead mid-season finale: Hope arises and fans should get ready

Negan, like his comic book counterpart, reminded everyone that there are things out there worse than zombies or The Governor. In scene after scene, whether in the episode or not, Negan's presence was felt and his shadow long and foreboding.

Samurai Shin. A Rising Star in Comics

A fun fast paced start to what has the potential to be a very good new comic series!
Teen Titans Rebirth Issue 2

DC Comics Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 – Review

The Rebirth Series continues to publish some great content for comic book enthusiast. Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 was available on 11/23/2016.To briefly recap issue #1. After getting some short background...

Stop Whining About The Walking Dead Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere was shocking, violent, gory, and over the top. Which is EXACTLY how it was written 4 years ago!

Calm The F%!@ Down: Marvel’s New Iron Man Riri Williams Is NOT Oversexualized

Young girls are being body shamed and sent home it sends the wrong message saying there is something WRONG with the way Riri was dressed

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