Heroes of Home Room C

Nicola and Albert, lose their powers and get sent back to public school to try and have a "normal life." They find danger and excitement instead!

Looking Back At The Dark Knight Returns

Reviewing a comic book that’s 30 years old feels weird, for lack of a better word. Surely everyone knows of it’s reputation and standing as a piece of art; why spend...
Teen Titans Rebirth Issue 2

DC Comics Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 – Review

The Rebirth Series continues to publish some great content for comic book enthusiast. Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 was available on 11/23/2016. To briefly recap issue #1. After getting some short background...

Samurai Shin. A Rising Star in Comics

A fun fast paced start to what has the potential to be a very good new comic series!

Stop Whining About The Walking Dead Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere was shocking, violent, gory, and over the top. Which is EXACTLY how it was written 4 years ago!

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