Samurai Shin. A Rising Star in Comics

A fun fast paced start to what has the potential to be a very good new comic series!
Rick Grimes TWD Issue 163

The End Of Rick Grimes? TWD Issue 163 Review

An ocean of zombies invades Alexandria as Rick prepares to meet his maker alongside a controversial ally. It was nice while it lasted.

Stop playing, and come put on ...

So if we take brief second to freeze frame these scenes. The thought on everyone's mind had to be similar, or will be similar once you see. "I may not have...

Stop Whining About The Walking Dead Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere was shocking, violent, gory, and over the top. Which is EXACTLY how it was written 4 years ago!
Teen Titans Rebirth Issue 2

DC Comics Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 – Review

The Rebirth Series continues to publish some great content for comic book enthusiast. Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 was available on 11/23/2016.To briefly recap issue #1. After getting some short background...

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