Negan’s Quiet New Home?

In a mostly Rick-less issue 154 of The Walking Dead Comic, we follow fugitive Negan as Michonne and Aaron track him.

AMC’s Next Hit: Preacher

From the minds behind Breaking Bad, The Fast and Furious, and This is The End comes the TV adaption of DC Comic's cult classic (one of my personal favs btw): Preacher....

The Casualties of Civil War Part 2: How Right Were We?

Earlier this week we speculated and made predictions on who could possibly bite the bullet in Captain America: Civil War. The comics hold a pretty integral part in the death of...

The Casualties Of Civil War

In a few short days one of the most anticipated movies of the year is coming to theaters. Captain America: Civil War is based off one of the most popular cross-series...

Diversity and Why Comics Do it Best.

In the wake of the negative press the Ghost In The Shell movie has received versus the practically nonexistent wake of negative press about this new Chinese Superman, I’ve been thinking...

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