Warcraft Review

Seeing all the promotional material and trailers for Warcraft made me hopeful for it’s success. With Duncan Jones, director of the excellent Moon and Source Code, behind the camera and Blizzard...

It’s Morphin’ Time! Get your FREE Power Rangers movie ticket!

Childhood memories of the nineties are coming back with a vengeance in the all new Power Rangers movie. Set to hit theaters on Friday, March 24; buzz has been circulating on...

Rogue One Review: Wow

Rogue One was engaging and never let up, the effects were flawless, the action superb, and it's hard to find anyone willing to be critical of this movie!

Transformers: The Last Knight Fails Beautifully

Transformers: The Last Knight is one of the WORST movies of the Transformers movie series. So much so, that I have dubbed this flick “Flaming Accelerating Runaway Trash Truck”. This “coveted”...
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Sausage Party: More than Just Dirty Jokes!

A few days ago King Phayce, Big Baba Rob and I had the unique pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, the Co-Directors for the upcoming...

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