Luke Cage on Netflix

Blaxploitation is Back with a Bulletproof Punch

Sweet Christmas Luke Cage is the modern day John Shaft! Enter the funky theme music. Taking place after Jessica Jones, from the beginning of the series we meet “Luke Cage”, an employee at...
Luke Cage is Coming


"Bam! Pow! Boom! That's what I'm talking about!" Those were the words the prince of this household spoke as we enjoyed yet another episode of Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix, and...

Pitch: BlackGirlMagic From The Pitcher’s Mound

#BlackGirlMagic from the pitcher's mound, Pitch is a magnificent tale of struggle, triumph, and pride. It's is a breath of fresh air that deserves more than a passing glance.

Birth of a Nation: Brilliant and Bittersweet

Birth of a Nation is brilliant. No scene is wasted, and every minute is devoted to ensuring you understand how a slave rebellion is born.
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Sausage Party: A Raunchy Good Time!

Thanks to our new friends at Zoomwerks Media, a few members of the team had an opportunity to catch an advanced screening of Seth Rogen's new animated adult themed film, Sausage...

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