Geeks on Books

On our very first episode of Geeks on Books, we discussed some of the books we are currently reading and whether or not it's important for book adaptations to stick to the source material.

Suicide Squad Review

On Friday night... opening night for the latest comic book movie from DC Comics and Warner Bros... The Black Geeks were out in force to see Suicide Squad.From Viola Davis' portrayal...
June 12 2016 Podcast

TBGPodcast: Warcraft & Conjuring 2 Review, Voltron L.D. on Netflix, Afrofuturism Network Convention

On this episode of The Black Geeks Podcast, we talk about our opinions regarding the Warcraft the movie. King Phayce gives his review of The Conjuring 2. Baba Rob talks about Voltron Legendary Defender...

Geeks On News – The Big Black Xbox or The Fast Little White Xbox?

On this edition of Geeks on News, we bring you some of the Geekiest news of the week from all over Geekdom. From Apple and XBox to Sharon Stone and Naked Attractions. Also...

A Conversation on Wakanda: Fictional Country to Modern Day Solution.

We discuss the viability and necessity of a real life Wakanda.

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