TBGPodcast #208: “Logan” / “Get Out” Movie Review

Within one week of the first quarter of 2017, we were treated to two movies which set the bar for the rest of the films for the year. On this segment...
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TBGPodcast #212: Star Wars with a Side of Sweet Tea

Welcome to another exciting podcast from The Black Geeks. This is a MUST hear event. Along with news from around Geekdom, Darth Geekonius (with prodding) talks about some theories surrounding the...
Sith News

TBGPodcast #208: Sith News for March 5, 2017

On this edition of Sith News we have a number of interesting topics. Donnie Yen, Mars, Dave Chappelle, Movie Trailers, Microsoft/Xbox, Patrick Stewart, and... well... some tech news about sexual performance data...
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TBGPodcast #211: Old Man Rob versus Technology and Other News

On Episode 211 of The Black Geeks Podcast, you will find fun and interesting topics such as: Cord cutting, brain implants, Solitaire, Facebook, self driving car technology, XBox, your ISP sharing your...

GeeksOnNews or NewsOnGeeks: The Alternate Facts Edition

In a world where Facts are Fiction and Truth is a distortion of your reality, GeeksOnNews is a refuge from the weekly spin on current affairs.

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