#Richonne Debate: Ship Happens

#Richonne happened. Some liked it, others did not. Not wanting to take a definitive side, The Black Geeks decided to let two of our most vocal fans of The Walking Dead debate for or against the newest ship taking over the internet.
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TBGPodcast #209: Sith News for March 12, 2017

On this episode we get wrapped up in Sith News. There is a warning about a popular toy. We talk about a few movies such as Get Out, Avatar, Logan, and...
Teen Titans Rebirth Issue 2

DC Comics Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 – Review

The Rebirth Series continues to publish some great content for comic book enthusiast. Teen Titans Rebirth Issue #2 was available on 11/23/2016. To briefly recap issue #1. After getting some short background...
Batman Rebirth Issue #1

Geeks On Games – No Man’s Sky / Batman Rebirth

On this episodeĀ of Geeks On Games, we talk about: The excited start to the Batman Rebirth series. What the heck is going on in Injustice: Year Five - Issues 35 & 36 We discuss...

Presidential Dark Magic – GeeksOnPolitics

We talk about the new presidential administration and what you might not have seen in this international game of sleight of hand!

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