Sith News

TBGPodcast #208: Sith News for March 5, 2017

On this edition of Sith News we have a number of interesting topics. Donnie Yen, Mars, Dave Chappelle, Movie Trailers, Microsoft/Xbox, Patrick Stewart, and... well... some tech news about sexual performance data...
Luke Cage

Luke Cage Headlines our Geeks On News Segment

On this episode of Geeks on News, before we can get started, King Phayce tells us a strange tale of his recent midday trip to his local movie theater. Our Sithy...

The Black Geeks Review Chiraq

On our first show of 2016, The Black Geeks took a moment to give their opinion about the controversial Spike Lee Joint, Chiraq. The reviews were mixed, some might say even...

The Black Geeks Podcast 01-31-2016

Should Geeks boycott Marvel over the political contributions of their douchebag CEO and more...

Geeks on Thrones

On our inaugural episode we discuss Stark bad luck and Hodor.

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