Rick Grimes TWD Issue 163

The End Of Rick Grimes? TWD Issue 163 Review

An ocean of zombies invades Alexandria as Rick prepares to meet his maker alongside a controversial ally. It was nice while it lasted.

Heroes of Home Room C

Nicola and Albert, lose their powers and get sent back to public school to try and have a "normal life." They find danger and excitement instead!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Amazing storytelling, diverse characters, and outstanding performances are just a few reasons to binge watch A Series of Unfortunate Events today!

Rogue One Review: Wow

Rogue One was engaging and never let up, the effects were flawless, the action superb, and it's hard to find anyone willing to be critical of this movie!

“4 Your Eyez Only” review: Is J.Cole’s latest featureless album worth the hype?

The year 2016 has been one of major disappointments (*cough* Election 2016 *cough*), but fans of hip-hop were given an early holiday present with J. Cole’s long-awaited follow-up to 2014 Forest...

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