Don’t Buy An iPhone 7

The latest iPhone from Apple is everything we thought it would be and more, but that still doesn't mean you should buy one.

Enough of the Fake iPhone 7 Outrage

Every year Apple introduces a new iPhone and every year there's a race to attack it. Apple consistently out performs, out engineers, and out innovates competitors, but this is largely ignored by professional tech journalists and those seeking to jump on the anti-Apple bandwagon.

Temporary Tattoos For Adults

Let’s face it, tattoos don’t always turn out the way you pictured in your head. For that reason and more, a tattoo’s permanence may be scaring you away from getting that...

Do Not Trust ANY Tech Person Who Advises Against a Mac!

If you ask a techie what your next computer purchase should be and Apple isn't in the reply or mentioned as a possible contender, you should stop listening to that tech person.

Here’s Why Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Change the World

It may not always seem like it, but we are totally living in the future. Sure, there are less killer robots than our favorite Sci-Fi movies may have predicted, but there...

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