Russian US Election Hack: Who Really Elected Trump?

If it is concluded with certainty that Russia had a hand in trying to sway the election to Donald Trump, would this affect Trump’s ability to become president? Possibly, but unlikely.

Gaming On A Budget – Mac Pro

In this inaugural article in a proposed series of posts that will hopefully guide the frugal tech heads to better decisions, I present my current gaming rig and Apple Mac Pro...

Commodore Kids Rejoice, We Got a Phone

The first computer I ever owned was a Commodore 128. My school had Commodore 16's and 64's, so I was so proud to have a computer more powerful than my school....

Father.IO: Another Excuse to Shoot Your Friends

We all know how much fun it is to pretend-kill our friends in video games like Call of Duty, but soon we’ll be able to pretend-kill our friends right from our...

Kenny, Cartman and the Rest of “South Park” Go Behind Hulu’s Paywall This Fall

Back in 2008, Matt Parker and Trey Stone earned lots of Internet praise for putting every one of their “South Park” episodes online, for free, on their own site. But that was...

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