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The event that had the biggest impact on me was called Founder’s Therapy. Being in the same room with some of the Black community's top entrepreneurs and innovators was amazing.

Don’t Buy An iPhone 7

The latest iPhone from Apple is everything we thought it would be and more, but that still doesn't mean you should buy one.

Do Not Trust ANY Tech Person Who Advises Against a Mac!

If you ask a techie what your next computer purchase should be and Apple isn't in the reply or mentioned as a possible contender, you should stop listening to that tech person.

Gaming On A Budget – Mac Pro

In this inaugural article in a proposed series of posts that will hopefully guide the frugal tech heads to better decisions, I present my current gaming rig and Apple Mac Pro...

Commodore Kids Rejoice, We Got a Phone

The first computer I ever owned was a Commodore 128. My school had Commodore 16's and 64's, so I was so proud to have a computer more powerful than my school....

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