I Should Have Been Gay for Thor, but No ; – (

I had the rare pleasure of joining Geek Soul Brother for the Tuesday April 24th edition of his podcast. I say rare pleasure, because his show starts at 10:00 pm and I...

The Best Batffleck Memes

Here are some of the best memes I found around the internet ftom fan reactions to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the Superman vs. Batman movie....

Robots Rule my World – A Top 10 List

Before I get trolled... I know that is a stark difference between a robot, an android, a cyborg, and a battle suit. Some of the bots on this list don’t quite...

Social Networking in Real life

I came up with the great idea to act the same way in my daily life that I act on social sites just to find out if there really is a difference in my behavior.

RIP to Jim Kelly a True Pioneer

On the June 30th edition of the Black Geeks Podcast, we learned of the untimely passing of Jim Kelly. Since that time, there has been some mention of Jim Kelly in...

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