MegaBots have brought Robotech Closer than you Think

I’m dedicating this to my giant robot loving friend BigBaba Rob. Recently on a road trip I was listening to NPR and I came across an article with a couple of...

Doctor Strange Review / TBG Storytime

This is a very special edition of Geeks On News.We start off with the news from around Geekdom. Then find out what we thought about Marvel's Latest Movie, Doctor Strange.We end...

Getting Pink Eye is NOT News!

Typically, I would not make light of such a news story, but this is a matter of principle and common sense.So I was reading this article on #WTOP the other...

Social Networking in Real life

I came up with the great idea to act the same way in my daily life that I act on social sites just to find out if there really is a difference in my behavior.

My #GeekBucketList

The other day, @Brothascomics posted this image to on Facebook.Acknowledging my pending doom, I cried out in his Facebook comments. “No no no.... Not yet. I have not finished Fallout 4 and...

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