Miniature Football

Think back to your childhood football fans! I don't know if you remember the Old Electric Football Game with the little miniatures that run on the vibrating field, but WOW,.... has...


So we survived and now what? the Mayan calender didn't have an immediate effect except to have everyone waiting in slight panic for the end of the world. So what did you think you would...

BigBabaRob’s Zombie Apocalypse: Keepers and Rescues

Who are the people I want on my Zombie Apoc Dream Team? (Keepers) Other than the Black Geeks... of course Who are the people that I just have to seek out, rescue,...

Social Networking in Real life

I came up with the great idea to act the same way in my daily life that I act on social sites just to find out if there really is a difference in my behavior.

MegaBots have brought Robotech Closer than you Think

I’m dedicating this to my giant robot loving friend BigBaba Rob. Recently on a road trip I was listening to NPR and I came across an article with a couple of...

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