TBGPodcast – Apple Music

The Black Geeks discuss Apple Music, Beats 1, and Apple's venture to bring music to the world. We talk about our first hand experience with Apple Music.

How Do I Know if I’m Recovered After a Workout?

How do you know if you are recovered after a race or workout? Sometimes I feel like I am fine, but then feel flat on my next run. My legs feel...

‘The Boondocks’ returns, but without creator Aaron McGruder

'The Boondocks' returns, but without creator Aaron McGruder"The Boondocks," the edgy animated series based on Aaron McGruder's comic strip about 10-year-old black militant Huey Freeman and his gangsta-wanna-be younger brother Riley...

MegaBots have brought Robotech Closer than you Think

I’m dedicating this to my giant robot loving friend BigBaba Rob. Recently on a road trip I was listening to NPR and I came across an article with a couple of...

Is Ghost (Pharoahsghost) truly a Geek? I ask myself

As time moves forward and I see how well the blog talk show is going I find myself wondering where do I fit in.  We talk about technologies that I have...

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