The Black Geeks Podcast 9-16-15

It may be time to admit that we're a little... off the rails. On this week's podcast, we talk the death of bigbabarob's Droid phone, Straight Outta Compton, and the state...

Thoughts on Racial Reclassification and Iconic Comic Book Characters

Yesterday on the Black Geeks Podcast, the crew got into a robust discussion about the racial reclassification of iconic comic book characters. As a result, the Geeks all expressed varying opinions....

Stop this Electoral Foolishness

The American Electoral process has been hijacked by people who only seek personal fame and manipulation of facts.

Alright “Ni&&a”! You Win.

On July 7, 2007; at the NAACP Convention in Detroit, participants “attempted” to bury the “N-word”. Here… see for yourself….!Let me tell you… the N-word isn’t just alive and well… it’s gone...

Robots Rule my World – A Top 10 List

Before I get trolled... I know that is a stark difference between a robot, an android, a cyborg, and a battle suit. Some of the bots on this list don’t quite...

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