Miscrosoft Chairman Bill Gates uses his laptop personal computer moments after presenting to the med..

This week it was reported that Microsoft founder and Uber Rich Dude, Bill Gates said that the CTRL-ATL-DEL was a mistake?


 SAY WHAT?????

Dude… How are you going to go and say something like that? 

That is like telling a 6-year-old that Santa is just Daddy in red pajamas.
It’s like telling a teenager that you lied about getting him a Red Corvette if he got all A’s in every class in high school.
That is like telling a human laboratory experiment that there would be cake at the end of the test if she just survives them all, but then you try to kill her.
“That was cold GLADOS. Real cold.”


 CTRL-ATL-DEL has been a fixture in my life for many years. It has saved me countless times. Whether I was just locking my computer while I went to get some snacks from the vending machine, or I was trying to kill a laggy program, or maybe I need to do a restart when a game became “unstable” or “unresponsive”… etc. How can you call it a mistake? Together these almost harmless keys are the trifecta of computer functionality. They are the Voltron of the Keyboard. 

BUT THEN…. You go on to say that it should have been one key? NOOOO. Have you been brainwashed by an evil Clan of iOS Worshippers? Did Darth Geekonius get to you? Damn Sith!

 It made total sense that one of the most powerful commands on the keyboard, have some type of special sequence, especially so you don’t accidentally hit it. You can’t launch a nuke with just one button. You can’t open a Snickers with just one hand… unless you use your teeth of course. You can’t open a door to a Dragon Shout Chamber without the three animal icons. (YESSSS! I have met my mandatory quota for mentioning something about Skyrim in every third blog post.)

I don’t know what hooka you been smokin’ on Mr. Money Bags, but i cannot and do not accept you telling me that one of the best things to happen to PC’er since the Start Button, was a mistake.

 What you need to do is forget CTRL-ATL-DEL and continue apologizing for Windows Millennium. 

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