Darth Maul Issue 001

Darth Maul Issue 1Star Wars fans rejoice! Marvel has graced us with another series set long ago in a galaxy far, far, away, and this series features arguably the only thing good about Episode I: A Phantom Menace, and that is Darth Maul. Marvel has been making this latest round of Star Wars comics for nearly two years now and they are phenomenal. Though most geeks were upset and few cautiously optimistic when Disney got rid of the Expanded Universe (EU), it’s safe to say that this was by far the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the Star Wars brand. Having a central canon across all Star Wars media has allowed unparalleled storytelling and continuity that makes everything Star Wars, more or less, (cough, cough, Episode VII: The Force Awakens) better for it.

After reading the first Star Wars comic of the new canon I was intrigued. The story was rich and it became apparent quickly that there was a lot to be told throughout the timeline. Up until the release of Darth Maul Issue #1, outside of the novels, TV, and movies, all the comic books focused on the timeline after Episode IV: A New Hope. Darth Maul takes us further back than any before as we get to see and know more about the mysterious Sith prior to Phantom Menace. Though there wasn’t a whole lot to this first issue, it’s very intriguing to be able to get into the mind of Maul and see how he felt prior to having his body cut in half by a young Obi Wan Kenobi. If you’re a Star Wars junkie like myself and have read nearly all the new novels (save 1) and many of the comics, not to mention Rogue One and the amazing Star Wars Rebels, you’ll see a familiar pattern seems to be emerging when it comes to scions of Palpatine. Though I imagine we’ll need a Dooku comic or novel to validate the pattern for sure.

I can’t wait for the next issue, I definitely subscribed on Comixology.

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