If you did not know that Battlefield 4 released recently, you obviously are too preoccupied playing Candy Crush. For the last few weeks or so, I have been on the verge of purchasing BF4. I have taken it in and out of my cart about 4 times. As a long time Battlefield player, have been looking forward to the release of BF4. I played the multiplayer beta and it is rock solid.

My dilemma came when it came time to purchase this $70 investment. As mean other people have to do everyday, I had to ask myself… “Where are my priorities?” “Is there something else, more important that I need to invest this $70 into.” That is when the list of NEEDS because more important than the list of WANTS.

What about a new turn signal for my bike?

What about a new rear tire to replace the near bald one?

What about a set of blinds for the living rooms to replace the damaged one?

What about a chocolate cookie? Look… don’t judge… chocolate is a very important staple in my existence.

I felt that I need to get the game not only for my personal enjoyment, but so I could review it and tell you nice readers all about it. I wondered if I was just making an excuse. Like anyone who is passionate about hobbies or lifestyle, gaming is an investment. We gamers invest in everything from our graphics cards, keyboards, mice, and video cards; to our seating, subscriptions, and of course new games.

As consumers we are always faced with the decision of “needs versus wants”. As gamers, we are faced with the same dilemma, but it is a bit different when you know that you are missing out on time with your “friends” or clan. Also there is the whole EXP issue and people leveling up faster than you and just getting owned for a few months while you level up. But is it vital that we be realistic and make the decision that matters in the real world, and not the virtual world.

When i came down to it, I decided that I NEED to wait on BF4… and use my money to invest in my needs and the needs of others. I decided to to put my “wants” on hold and handle my obligations first. Leveling-up in the real world is way more rewarding!

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