This is a very special edition of Geeks On News.

We start off with the news from around Geekdom. Then find out what we thought about Marvel’s Latest Movie, Doctor Strange.

We end the show with a new segment we are calling StoryTime. In this segment someone writes a chapter of a story. Then next week, some else will write the next chapter. The next write has to build upon the previous chapter, but they can that the story in what ever direction they choose. This week’s segment was pinned by Darth Geekonius.

Here is Chapter One of StoryTime:

James opened his eyes, the light was blinding, sterile, and it took a few moments for his sight to adjust. He blinked rapidly his vision blurred from the tears gathering in his eyes. His whole body ached and his head throbbed, a constant pounding, like a jack hammer tearing up asphalt. As the fog started to clear from his mind and his constitution returned, he realized that he was in a hospital bed. IV were in his arms and the constant beeps from the monitors droned on. How did he get there? Why was he there? He struggled but couldn’t remember. In fact the last thing he remembered was sitting on the park bench trying to blow off some steam.


He’d had a fight with his girlfriend Juanita. None of that mattered now. He tried to move, tried to sit up, pain wracked his body, it was like something he’d never felt before. Such pain. He opened his mouth to scream, to call a nurse, to call someone, but the fire in his throat let him know that wasn’t going to happen. Nothing came out but a croak. A dry gurgling sound, which added to the pain and the misery. How? Why? Then it came back to him. He sat on the bench, pissed, livid even. He bust his ass off every day, he hustled, did what he had to do to take care of Juanita and Deon, but it was never enough.


Never enough for her. He’d been contemplating what he was going to do about Juanita, his life, everything, and then the flash in the sky. The blinding light that lit up the night sky. It made the hospital light look a spark in comparison. But then something hit him, was it lightening, he couldn’t remember, there was all encompassing light, the wind knocked out of him, and then blackness. He lay in the bed. He stopped trying to move. He breathed raggedly, he ached oh so bad. He closed his eyes tight, grit his teeth, and tears dripped down the sides of his face. James didn’t know how long he lay there but when he opened his eyes again, what he saw widened his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he saw. All the medical equipment and furniture in the room was floating in the air. He tried to sit up, panic gripped him again, everything crashed and fell to the floor.

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