On the Season Finale of Under the Dome, we see the Big Jim Rennie directs Phil Bushey to gather up some folk and build a gallows.

Jim rennie

The look on Phil’s face was about the same as the look on my face.

“Did he just ask a Black man to build a gallows to hang someone?”


This was a very wise move by the writers. If Big Jim had asked one of think-necked white farm boys to string a noose, I think there would have been cries of racism all over Black Twitter. But… instead… what you have here is a Brother co-signing on the creation of what has become a symbol to the Black struggle for justice.

Now…. could they have built some other device to kill the seemly doomed Barbie?


I quickly ruled out a guillotine… Where are you doing to get a blade that big?

What about a chopping block? Too draconian.

What about a 24 Hours Barney the Purple Dino Telethon? Heck… Everyone seems to have power in that city. I’m sure someone a working TV and DVD player. But… that would be just too cruel.

Why not a firing squad? Hummm… That would make the most sense. The citizens of Chester’s Mill would bring peace and stability by their own hands. Oh yeah… Big Jim collected most of the weapons.

So I think this was a very shrewd decision by the writers to have a brother cosign on the creation of something that controversial.

Personally, I did not consider this to be racially insensitive. I think that the concept it sound for the storyline, but I would have preferred not have seen them build it at all. I also don’t think they would have gone that route if one of the town’s people to be killed were Black. I think the imagery would have been a little too strong for primetime TV. So there is a bit of a double standard happening here.

Regardless… I’m looking forward to next season to see what’s up with the “Pink stars, falling in line.”

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