Every year Apple introduces a new iPhone and every year there’s a race to attack it. Apple consistently out performs, out engineers, and out innovates competitors, but this is largely ignored by professional tech journalists and those seeking to jump on the anti-Apple bandwagon.

The iPhone 7 reveal wasn’t exciting because it wasn’t new information

The ironclad secrecy of Apple doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for many years. Outside of detailed technical specs, most Apple hardware reveals are leaked months before the Apple Event. Therefore, reveals are not to learn about anything new, exciting, or revolutionary, but to confirm the leaks and see what was missed.

Of course, there’s nothing to be excited about if you already know what’s going to be revealed.

No plot twist or after credits scene is exciting if you know what is going to be shown before you watch the movie.

Even though we knew nearly everything Apple was going to reveal, that doesn’t make it boring

If you’re a runner or a swimmer the Apple Watch Series 2 is an amazing upgrade. If you want to just try the Apple Watch out, the Series 1 has a lower entry price and upgraded CPU, plus the original should be dirt cheap on the used/refurbished markets.

The iPhone 7 it a technical marvel and gave amazing insight into the next iPhone in 2017. No clickable Home Button, gives users a year to get used to it going away permanently as the next iPhone will likely be all glass and work like the Apple Watch with Force Touch and swipes controlling the phone. The performance, camera, etc. will all be refined.

The removal of the 3.5mm jack is a good and necessary thing

Most people use Bluetooth Headsets and handsfree devices in their car. The technology is very mature and Apple is trying to get us prepared for a wireless future just like they did when they removed the CD drive from Macs and got us use to smaller, more advanced ports with lightening and USB-C.

As history has proven time and time again, the faux outrage and bandwagoning complaints will wither away in less than a year as other manufactures also adapt and follow Apple. Then we’ll all miraculously wonder how we ever lived without the standard Apple set.

The best iPhone ever built isn’t just cliche’

Sure it looks similar to the previous iPhone which has kinda been the pattern.

The original iPhone’s design pretty much stuck around until the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4’s design petty much stayed the same until the iPhone 6. So if the pattern holds and it has, the iPhone 6’s design should stick around until the iPhone 8.

More important is what the iPhone 7 can do. Apple managed to increase the CPU Speed and GPU speed by over 50 percent, upgraded the cameras significantly, as well as nearly all the specs like LTE 450mbps, an additional speaker, and more while at the same time INCREASING battery life 1 – 2 hours in the same form factor.

NO ONE has pulled a similar feat and from pure engineering standards what Apple did was remarkable. Meanwhile, the latest and greatest from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7, is being recalled because of shoddy engineering.

So should you upgrade? 

That question is subjective. Always has been.

  • If you’re a techie and must have the latest and greatest, you’re going to upgrade anyway, complaints and all.
  • If you only need your phone to be a phone with light internet and social media, truth be told, you’d be fine with an iPhone 5. I know people who still have an iPhone 4S. The best phone of that form-factor hands down is the iPhone SE though.


That leaves everyone else. The every other year upgrade cycle mostly remains true.

  • If you have an iPhone 6, upgrade.
  • If you have an iPhone 6S, it depends on what you’re looking for. More performance? Better Battery life? Better Camera? The iPhone 7 more than exceeds expectations.
  • However, if you own a 6S and you think it’s fast enough, you’re OK with battery life, and the camera doesn’t matter to you, then the iPhone 7 won’t make you lose any sleep.


The point is, if you’re not upgrading purely because you’re listening to the echo chamber and don’t think there’s anything “new” or “amazing” about the iPhone 7, then you are a victim of falling prey to the anti Apple hype crowd.

The iPhone 7 is the best smartphone on the market period, followed by the iPhone 6S, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6.

It’ll be nearly a year before anyone catches up with the iPhone 7 and by then, a few months later the next iPhone will be out.

So in the end it comes down to your budget and or tech buying habits, but DO NOT believe ANYONE trying to tell you that lack of an OLED screen or 3.5mm jack makes the iPhone 7 a “failed” device. ESPECIALLY when the former isn’t that big of an enhancement for most users and the latter Apple still provides a free adapter in the box and replacement adapters for 9 dollars for those who aren’t ready to make the transition.

Yeah the AirPods, though they’re a technical marvel and I can’t wait to see how the technology evolves, they look weird. Check out the pics below.


  1. Good write up! I teach digital media in high school and I get tired of this banter about how bad the phone is! My pre order is in and there aren’t any left! You can go get one of the other phones that catch fire like the hunger games in your pocket though…

  2. A fanboy seizure. How cute. Darth, you’re a Sithiot. You’re entitled to your opinion. You’re not entitled to call mine fake. For iOS musicians, it is convenient to plug a midi keyboard into the lightning connector and a pair of headphones into the headphone jack. Many higher end music apps do not support Bluetooth, and for those that do there is often a lag that makes it a non-solution. But hell, what is information when you can call names, you click better.Looks like we’ll be spending more on Apple dongles, those of us who decide to buy a Seven. I will not be one of them; the 6S plus looks like the sweet spot for me. If they follow suit on the iPad I’ll stick with my iPad Pro for as long as I can. And you don’t know half as much as you think you do, Darthy, as exemplified by your clueless and fact free evaluation of what the best phone on the market is, “period.” By the way, some of the stone enjoy applerexia’s obsession with setting standards that are incompatible with the rest of the known world. Enjoy your relationship with Apple and maybe you could be a little more worshipful next time. Give my regards to Senator Palpatine next time you’re in Cupertino.

    • Probably one of the best replies I’ve ever gotten since we’ve come up with this site! LOL On a serious note, I admit I didn’t consider everyone in my assessment, but iOS musicians account for how much of the user base? This is how tech works. Eventually, things become obsolete and either there is a temporary solution i.e. a new dongle, adapter, etc. or you have to find a new way of doing what you used to altogether. You can’t expect any company Apple or otherwise to offer support for everyone. I’m certain the answer from Apple or any other tech company would be to either continue to use legacy hardware OR use something else. It sounds harsh but it is what it is. BTW, I’m not an Apple “fanboy” I’m a tech enthusiast who works in the IT industry nearly 2 decades and has gravitated toward Apple in my daily use for their comprehensive solutions to my everyday life in an integrated and consistent manner. I also use other tech, I bought and used a S7 Edge daily for about 6 months and I use Windows 10 nearly everyday. That’s for reading and replying. I hope Apple doesn’t totally screw you with one of those $80 or more adapters.

  3. Totally agree that there is always fake outrage whenever a new product is announced or changes are made. I actually remember history unlike many “tech” people. When the iPad was first announced, it was ridiculed and many said no one would buy or use it. Now you see iPads everywhere. When Apple ditched the 30 pin for lightning there was outrage. Then people loved it and companies started making better products for it. Now Apple gets rid of ancient tech to move into the 21st century and people again complain, but this will force companies to again make better products and start working on even faster and latency free Bluetooth. How is that not a good thing? Less ports also mean less ways for water to get into the iPhone. Wow, what a horrible thing to make the iPhone more water resistant.

    • Yup. Remember how even the name was mocked? To your point though, Apple started the path with AirPods. Sure they aren’t “sexy” but the tech in them begins the journey of what could be when wireless tech finally catches up with wired tech. If I remember correctly, won’t they have a Apple designed Bluetooth tech similar I imagine to the Apple Watch? I believe these connections aren’t vanilla Bluetooth.

    • I can go further back than 7 years but there’s people that won’t care about what’s happened in the past and don’t even care about what’s happened a year or two ago. It’s about holding on to something familiar and never letting go no matter if it’s a positive change or not. I am not scared of change and enjoy seeing what’s around the next corner.

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