It is my pleasure to bring to you the Facepalm of the Week… Week… Week (I like the echo effect).

This week has given us some very fine facepalms to choose from. After deep meditation, and a Grilled Cheese “samich”, I believe we have a winner.

The “honorable” mentions include the following:

1.)    Mariah “Ish Happens” Carey, and her New Year’s Performance. In my opinion her excuse would have been more believable if it had not happened before, AND if other performers that night had similar “tech problems.”


2.)    Don “Yes I’m Lit” Lemon and HIS New Year’s Performance. Oh Don, just when I thought I had seen your worst side, you go and show us your backside. If only “Rump Shaker” had come on while he was live. Or should I say, while he was lit? Since Don Lemon did not win FacePalm of the Week, I award Don “Turn Down For What” Lemon the, “Most Likely to Lick his Co-Anchor’s Face Award.”


Without a shadow of a doubt the TBG FacePalm of the Week goes to the GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives. With everything going on in the world, with all the issues that need to be fixed and solved, you’re telling me that the FIRST thing they want to do when they go back to work- the first thing they want the American people to see them do-  is them trying to weaken the department in charge of making sure they- the House of Representatives- are not doing something criminal… Seriously?!?!?

You want to build trust with the people, who don’t trust you, by curtailing the powers of the department that tells people if they can trust you?

While there were a number of articles written on this #EpicFacePalm, I most appreciated a transcript from NPR’s Morning Edition.

The House Leadership had an opportunity to curb the fears of the American people, and reassure us that they were going to work hard and act fairly. Instead, they decided that since they were fresh off the holiday break, (still feeling the effects of eggnog and fruitcake), that they would make some changes in the reporting structure of the Office of Congressional Ethics.

This is one of those moments where the GOP needs a good Black friend. Just call Michael Steele and ask him.

The call would probably go like this:

“Hey Mike. How’s it going?”

“Are you still shooting a 3 under par at Crestview?
“Good. Good.”

“So look. I was talking with some of the folks here on the Hill and we are thinking about… well.. maybe… changing some things with the Congressional Ethics Office as soon as we get back from break. Let me ask you…”



“Why are you laughing?”

GOP Note to self: Just because Michele Bachmann triple dog dares you on SnapChat to do something crazy at work, maybe you should just dab in the congressional bathroom mirror. Something akin to this fine young American!
Welcome to 2017, People! It’s gonna be interesting!

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