In January of this year (2015), I upgraded from the beloved DROID 4 to the awesome DROID Turbo. Faster, BIGGER, beautiful display, great camera, AWESOME battery life… So life was good. Sorta. I started developing some issues.

The first issue was that the software updater was trying to install the build that was already on the phone. Day after day, I would tell it to install, but it always failed. So every morning for the last 5 months, I would basically tell the installer to delay the install until some random time in the wee hours of the morning, then we would start the process all over again.

I had been to several different Verizon stores, but no one seemed to be able to help me. Finally, the last guy tell me to get a warranty replacement, but that’s not quite what I ended up doing. I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

Several other anomalies manifested since January:

  • The most annoying issue was the phone RANDOMLY rebooting. That was utter madness. I would look at the phone one minute and the next it would be completely off. The power button worked the first few times, but for the last 3 months, I have needed to do the hard restart (Power Button + Volume Down button, for 7 seconds or so).
  • A week ago, I lost direct access to the contacts. This became even more complicated because when a call came in, I had to OK three separate pop-up boxes telling me that my contacts had failed.
  • A few days ago, several of my apps stopped working. The phone had no problem reminding every few key strokes that they failed. I have to click and ok pop-ups periodically.

So I was done. I wanted a replacement phone. I dialing *611 to begin the process.

NOW… start taking note people. Here what i did when your Motorola DROID Turbo, starts acting foolish.

Call *611 from your Turbo, but be near a landline or another phone. They will ask you to get off the Turbo so the tech and look at your phone remotely. They will not ask permission to access you phone. I felt so violated. I had no idea they could just link directly into my phone without asking my permission.

You are going to be on the phone for a pretty long time. Don’t have an dentist appointment. Don’t be in a rush. You are going to talking to the tech for a while. They are going to tell you that you will need to do a “Factory Reset“. This is the point when your heart sinks and you just wish the God of Cellphones would descend from the heavens, riding a silver Otterbox phone case and have mercy your online soul.

At this point you have two options.

  • You can back up all of your information to the cloud, WHICH TAKES TWO LIFETIMES… orrrrrr…
  • You could back up your photos and videos to your computer via USB, back up your messages, contacts, and documents to the cloud, and just wipe all your music. You can reinstall music pretty easily.
  • NOW… instead of doing the system reset, I used the Verizon Wireless Software Repair Tool. It comes on the phone and activates when you tether your phone to your computer via USB cable. I used the cable that attached the phone to the Turbo charger.

Repair Tool

  • Once you run the repair tool, it will ask you if you are okay with wiping your existing data and apps. Take a deep breath. Take another one. Call your Momma and tell her that you love her… Click OK and stand by.
  • So this is what you get once you’re done. My OS was upgraded to the latest available OS, but sadly it was not Lollipop. It was just a newer building. I had the phone set to automatically reinstall my apps and cloud data. Most of the music I added myself either via the USB or by the Wi-Fi download. Everything installed without much involvement from me. Several items needed a Google Play app update approved. You will need to enter the passwords for all your social media apps and other apps.

So far so good. I like some of the new GUI in this build. Looks like they added some nice features for the phone as well. I’ll update the article if anything new happens.

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