Big Baba Rob plays Far Cry 4.
(PC Perspective)
17 hours of gameplay.

Instead of my typical wordy openings I’m going to get right into my comments about FarCry4.

Visually, it a stunning games. Great renders and shadows.

Gameplay is a total mixed bag…

From a weapons standpoint… you have enough firepower to handle most situations. I have today that the bow has to be one of the best weapon in the game. With the options of the fire arrow and the explosive arrow, you can deal some real damage. When you are just walking along the road and you get spotted by an enemy patrol… or a courier come driving up… you don’t have to worry about trying to aim a precise bullet shot. A quick switch to the either of the fire arrow or the explosive arrow and you can bring most situation to a quick close. You do have to compensation for distance and gravity.

There are more enemies to engage in the bases. Most people would find this irritating. Personally… I love the change and the options are plentiful. The AI makes these engagements more tactical. If you decide that you want to take everyone out long range with the silenced sniper rifle or the bow… the soldiers move… A LOT. While they typically follow patrol routes they also will walk around, take nap, squat, shift their weight from side to side, and various other random movements. If you are patient enough they will stop moving for a moment so you can get the headshot.

For a more up-close and personal experience you have a variety of melee attacking from around a corner, above, below, and behind. For those moment when you don’t take the time to tag all of the soldiers, and you find yourself chest to chest with a heavy gunner… RUN! Knowing that the heavy is going to follow you, drop a mine, or plant some C4, once you have a respectable lead. The fire and explosive arrows allow balance you odds instead of getting into a gun battle that you probably won’t win. Really is nothing more pleasing than planting two packs of C4 on the walls and watching the heavy coming strolling through the doorway (from a safe distance).

The random animals are…. what is the world… frustrating… bothersome… but yet quite necessary. Kyrat is just overrun with dogs. Dhole and Wolfs are just everywhere. THANKFULLY the are not extremely hard to take out… UNFORTUNATELY at times they come in large packs. Just last night I took out a pack of three or four… and was walking away and a Cloud Leopard just jumped out of the bush! Total surprise… not warning. But I’m not complaining too much. 1.) I needed the skin… 2.) It keeps you on your toes.

The Honey Badger is a different issue… OMG… do they feed them Kevlar in Kyrat. There is just NO WAY an animal that small can take that much damage! You can typically hear them and get off one or two arrows before the attack, but one they do… that’s your A$$! RUN… HEAL…SHOT… REPEAT! The Honey Badgers are like the Tasmanian Devil on a 5-hour energy. So… three health injections, two arrow, and one AK-47 clip later… you just have to laugh that this little Pepé Le Pew looking thing almost whooped you like the Hulk did Loki. But, I digress. The last thing that I want to mention is the underwater animal fights. IMHO… I feel you should be able to stab the Demon Fish… etc, underwater BEFORE you have to wrestle them and button mash.

The vehicles are fun to drive and very necessary in this game. While running is ok for location that are 200 – 250 clicks away, you need to drive something to get to further locations. The dune buggy is the most fun think the drive. You cover some serious ground in very little time. You can also go off road to get masks, journals, and other mini-missions. If you want to avoid all the drama on the ground the gyrocopter gets you there pretty quickly. BEWARE… if you are walking the road… you will get run over… on purpose and as a random accident. If the travelling salesmen get run over by random vehicles. I have seen it happen like 3 times. It’s actually so very sad when you see it happen… and then you loot him. Don’t just me.

I need to talk about the Winged Suit… SIGH…. I don’t remember the Winged Suit being so buggy in Far Cry 3. I’m still trying figure out the logic. While jumping off a small waterfall in Southern Kyrat, the darn thing deployed and flew me right into the adjacent cliff… death. I’m going reserve judgement for right now. I’m not sure if it’s me or the suit, but I’m pretty sure it’s not me. But I can tell you when deployed in those high altitude cliff jumps, it’s pretty cool.

The Broadcast Tower capture point are very reminiscent of FarCry3. The more enclosed tower gives you a little less vertigo as well. The climbing and walking around gets a little repetitive, but again… it’s necessary.

Finally… I want to talk about the Grappling Hook. I have a thing for Grappling Hooks since Bionic Commando in the 1980’s. My first outing with this cool new toy when just fine… BUT THEN… I found out that in some situation you have to SWING from grapple point to grapple point. That was quite nerve racking, but I got the rhythm of it after a few fails. I wish there were more grapple point for large some of the sheer rock faces you encounter as you are running around.

Overall… the game is fun and addictive, BUT… it has issues. There is a frame rate issue that makes it a little choppy, the animals seem to be a little unbalanced, and there are little bugs with NPC’s shifting around, items getting stuck in the environment where you can’t get to them, and the winged suit opening on short jumps. Also I found it very interesting that unlike Far Cry 3, they did not bother to explain the skills tree. It’s just there. I’ll leave it at that for now.

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Footnote: I’ll add some screenshots to this post later. 

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