finders-keepers-9781501100079_hrYet another great novel by the premier storyteller himself Stephen King, Finders Keepers is a follow-up to 2014’s Mr. Mercedes. Finders Keepers tells the tale of Morris, a number one fan of a retired author who is upset a the final installment of his favorite book series. Angry at the author, he sets out to get answers and revenge. What follows is a series of events that undergird the plot of the novel. This is familiar turf in the King cannon as he often explores the relationship between writers and their fans often with disastrous results.

Told as only King can, Finders Keepers never has a dull moment. The action, suspense, and dialogue is immersive and captivating. You’ll find yourself stuck in this world unable to turn away without finding out what happens next. The introduction of new characters as well as the reemergence of familiar ones, is fluid, natural, and engaging. This novel like so many of King’s is memorable with unique characters and dialogue that you’ll find yourself repeating years from now. There may even be a Dark Tower reference or two thrown in for good measure.

I highly recommend Finders Keepers as well as it’s predecessor Mr. Mercedes and eagerly look forward to the next entry in this planned trilogy, which judging by the closing chapter of the book, is looking to be one of the great King novels.

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