Today CNN is reporting that Trump is gaining in the polls.
Yesterday MSNBC reported that Clinton was leading in all the polls.
Last week, some else reported that Johnson was picking up support, according to the polls.
Look people… it’s time to ignore the polls and get out to vote.

I love me some statistics and standard deviation and margin of error as much as the next differential equation geek, but the only thing that matters, at this point in the election year is that, people do their research and get out to vote on Election Day.

I know that some of you reading this article want me to pick a side. You might want me to trash Trump for his behavior. You want me to hate on Hillary for her decision making. You might want me to talk tough about Johnson’s appeal to the GOP moderates or salute Dr. Stein’s Green platform for the planet. But, you are already getting pumped full of that rhetoric by cable new. What I need you to do… is…

Stop letting the TV remote program your thinking.
Put a cap on those paid talking heads.
Get off the carousel of spin.
Stop munching on sound bites.

There are some very clear lines between the various candidates which are constantly being blurred by political pandering and spin meisters. Facts are being distorted like looking down a long Mississippi road on a Summer day. The 24-hour news cycles rotates violently like a unbalanced washing machine with way too many towels. Only a few anchors are actually unplugging from the ratings machine; while other personalities are propped up on plush pedestals, talking over their guests, as they fill their minuscule time slots with leading questions that are so slanted, the Winter Olympians want their ski jump back.

Every voter needs to join the #EducatedElectorate movement. The #EducatedElectorate absorbs multiple sources. From FOX News to the Young Turk. From Ted Cruz to Amy Goodman. From C-SPAN to The Wall Street Journal. From The Hill to The Root. We have to read around. Try to understand the perspective of others. Why you ask?

Hidden within these episodes and printed pages is a tapestry of truth interwoven with perceived reality and factual reality. It is now up to you, as the one covered in this tapestry, to see the fibers through your looking glass. You have to acknowledge these conditions and decided what to do with the fabric.

Do you embrace?
Do you burn it?
Do you share it?
Do you shun it?

Now… you are ready to vote. You see their perspective. You know your perspective. You can now see how they see you. You now feel the subtle breezes within the informational hurricane. The polls mean nothing compared to your right to vote. Bust the polls. Don’t trust the polls. Don’t get trapped by the spin. Every vote counts in the end. Your actions will decided the course of a nation. From the President to the Congress to the Governor to State Legislator to the Mayor to the City Council to the Judges to the School Board. Your vote matters.

Finally… I want to speak to my Brothers and Sisters who are currently incarcerated or have served their time. To you whose vote has been stolen because of decades old Slavery laws. YOUR VOTE MATTERS. There are people fighting for you to have your voice again. You are doing your time or you have completed your punishment. You deserve to have a say in choosing the people who make the laws and enforce the laws that have directly impacted your life and the lives of your loved ones. Don’t stop fighting to have this basic rights restored to you. Just because you were convicted of a crime, does not mean your voice should be muted. You are still a citizen. You are still a whole person. You still matter.
Stay Strong.


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