Futurama, that other great show from the mind of Matt Groening, has been off the air since 2013 to the dismay of many long-time fans. Many thought they’d never hear from Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, Amy, Zoidberg and the rest of the Planet Express crew, but thanks to Jam City, via its game studio TinyCo, FoxNext Games, and Matt Groening, Futurama lives! As a game anyway…

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, is a new game coming soon to mobile devices. Created in partnership with FUTURAMA creator and Executive Producer Matt Groening and his Curiosity Company, along with Executive Producer David X. Cohen, original FUTURAMA writers, and Rough Draft Studios, the teaser is the first new animation from the FUTURAMA universe since the show’s original TV run ended in 2013. Jam City is working with the writers, animators, and cast to produce even more original animation that will have fans waving their tentacles in the air.

Check Out the Trailer Below and be sure to pre-register on Google Play or visit the website to be notified when the game is released.

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